Where Is Blues Junky?

UPDATE: He’s Fine!


Diogenes’ Middle Finger:
NOTE TO READERS:  I have not heard from our illustrious MFST Chair of Music, BluesJunky, since July 6th.  I only spoke to him occasionally, and we never met in person, although I would have loved to have gotten him down here and spent a night painting the town red had we had the chance.  In the 4 years of communication, always the gentleman, he never mentioned anything of an illness or a health problem. But who knows. He could be chasing nurses around a hospital covid-19 unit about now. MORE

SNIP: His last comment here was on July 6th. I hope he’s OK.
If anyone knows him please let Diogenes or one of us here know.

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  1. …wondering that myself, @Bobcat, those were two pretty grounded in the Bible commentators, and GREAT assets to this site in my view, hope they emerge again soon…

  2. Hope he’s ok. Sometimes ya just got to drop off the grid for awhile. The Appalachian trail has been my refuge on occasion.

  3. Happy to help, Diogenes. Hope he is okay!

    As for the others, I did see 99 last week.
    (Because of her avatar)
    Kinda hard to keep track of people with no avatar.

  4. Czar Has been missing for months, I think he moved over to twitter, don’t know. Groll also has been gone.99th is alive and kicking. Blues Junky don’t no where to look. I hope Miss D finds her Friend, its hard when people drop off the web and there is no way to contact them. We have lost a lot here on this site over the last 10 years.

  5. Watermelon is Red and I gave some ideas to Fur for album covers a long time ago.

    I wish he would repost some of the classics

  6. Hi. Went for a heart calcium scan in early July, it came back 0%, perfectly clean (keto ftw). However, a spot was found in each lung (nope, never smoked) so I’m having another CAT scan in December to see if there’s any growth. If not, it’s nothing. If yes, I go to be with the Lord soon. Either way, win win. So for now, I be reprioritizing a bit. Thank you for asking.

  7. Hello. I had a heart calcium scan done in early July. It came back 0% (keto diet for the win). However, a spot was found in each lung. Probably nothing, never smoked. But I’ll have a CAT scan done in December to see if there’s any growth. If not, fine. If yes, I go home to be with the Lord soon, which is far better. Either way, I’m just doing a bit of re-prioritizing. Thank you for asking.

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