Where is Gavin McInnes Wrong in His Rant?

The Raw Sewage Story, a site I’m banned from, thank you, posted this video because they are outraged by McInnes.

Where is he wrong?

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  1. I will take 5 to 6 hours (at least) out of every week to cut grass and maintain the property, work up a sweat like Bernie. All the while my wife complains at the mere suggestion to run the wash machine once every other week. I ask what’s is the difference, honey? “Well, you enjoy maintaining the property and laundry is not fun at all.”

    We go through this same deal about once a year. I take over all the laundry in the house because it’s not fun for her and after a few weeks she won’t even let me in the laundry room anymore. My usual response, “I guess it looks like fun when I do it.”

  2. The whole thing was hilarious. Liberals are constantly whining that they “want a dialogue!” …”let’s have a dialogue!” when, in truth, it’s the last thing they want.
    While we’re at it, how come if I ever bought Mrs. Curtain an ironing board she’d be outraged but if she bought me a miter saw that’d be great?

  3. Notice how Gutfeld feels compelled to dispute the rape numbers. I wonder why he didn’t say anything to support his claim. I’m sorry I just can’t stand Gutfeld’s smarmy face and that grating voice.

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