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Where Is Jayme Closs?

13-year-old Barron County Wisconsin girl, Jayme Closs is still missing and presumed to have been abducted by dangerous criminals after a silent 911 call was received by local authorities on Monday. When police responded, they found 56-year-od James and 46-year-old Denise Closs both dead of gunshot wounds. Authorities believe Jayme was home at the time of the murders and are confident that she remains alive.

A girl matching Closs’ description was spotted in Miami, FL accompanied by two well-dressed bearded men in a black Ford Explorer with WI plates on Tuesday, though follow-up investigations cast doubt on the sighting. More

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  1. Big News around here. I’m guessing the authorities aren’t saying all they know.
    My guess, she’s with her boyfriend who did the shooting. Parents disapproved of him before – maybe he’s 19yo minority?

  2. Is that the best picture they have of her? This is such terrible news.

    People are fond of saying, “Well, we’ve always had crime like this, it’s just that we have more news today than we did back then.” That’s utter and complete BS. When those guys killed a farm family back in the ’50s, it was so shocking Truman Capote wrote a book about it and it was made into a film. Our society has changed for the worse and it’s because we don’t take an eye for an eye in our courts. Criminals are now “rehabilitated” (despite the appalling recidivism rates for many sociopathic crimes), sentencing “guidelines” trump punishment fitting the crime, if you’re black, female or an illegal alien, you pretty much walk — then you sue because the judge looked cross-eyed at you, or the prosecutor was racist, misogynist, or white and male-privileged.

    We talk about identity politics but it’s much, much worse than that! We now have identity law, identity education, identity healthcare, identity media and all the rest.

  3. …and why in the hell do law enforcement suspect the report of two swarthy men with black beards? Could it be she may have been abducted by muslims who want to traffic her into their sex trade?

    …and parents who defend the illegal who murdered their daughter in cold blood?!

    Whatever apex we were expecting this all to reach has come and gone a long time ago.

  4. I mentioned this before, but I find it scary to think that the movie, “The Seventh Sign”, about children born without souls (ultra simplified synopsis) could be more than just fiction.

    I don’t think that is what’s happening in the world today but I do think that Satan is empowering people who have rejected God. They have silenced many good people who normally would fight back against the injustice and attempt to keep our society civil.

    We have a chance to counter the evil by doing what we started in electing President Trump. We need to continue to pray for God to have mercy on us, repent that we let our comfortable lives blind us to what is happening and work to make the rule of law and justice prevail.

  5. Jennie O is turkey processing place that employs many new immigrants, mostly Somali Muslims, if I recall. Also, there was a report somewhere about the men in Fla. being “Middle Eastern” but believe police denied? Something like that!

  6. There’s something strange about this. Both her parents and shot and killed and she’s seen in the company of two bearded men and the Sheriff states that she’s in danger but he expects to find her alive. Either he’s the stupidest man to wear a star or there is lots more to this story that isn’t getting out.

  7. Claudia, I was thinking about a movie also. “Case 39” about abusive parents who we later find out had a fear and a reason. I don’t want to be a spoiler, so just check it out. Also I thought the photo was not the best of poses.

  8. There has to be more to this than the authorities are saying. Why would two men go into that home and kill two of the three people in it? Nothing about a robbery.

  9. It is not unknown for even teen females to kill their parents with or without a boyfriend involved (Think : Badlands). The police are probably not stating all they know.

  10. Probably because I’ve watched too many true crime shows, but I can’t help but thinking the girl is likely involved, if not it’s doubtful she will ever be seen alive again.

    There was one show I saw where the teen daughter was 14, her mother dead and they suspected she had been abducted as a lot of stuff had been stolen. They later discovered she had a boyfriend in his 20’s that the mother found out about and she put a shorter leash on her and told the boyfriend she would file charges on him if he came around her daughter again. She ended up being the one to have stabbed her mother numerous times after the boyfriend had knocked her unconscious.

  11. She planned it and got some boyfriend, whether he be a dopey 19y/o, or an older perv, to be the muscle. Probably find them on the lamb at a gas station.

  12. This story will dominate the news, until they find out that the perpetrators are either muslims or Mexicans, after which the story will disappear.

  13. I worked with an engineer whose son had a friend who killed both of his parents. The guys son was recruited by the killer to help. When the killer was fighting with his dad during the deadly assault, the engineers son was killed by the father. I graduated with the killers mother. The crazed killer kid left his dead friend and dead parents and hit the road in the family car. He was caught and will spend the rest of his life in a Texas prison. Lord knows what was going on in that household. Seems like the world has gone nuts.

  14. PJ – yep, got that whole peter strzok in a younger form thing going on. Reminds of Craig Melvin’s Dateline, ‘Death by Wedgie’ episode,,

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