Where is the diversity? I see nothing but Muslims in the Mall of America

The MAUL of America.



ht/ Christian PDX

22 Comments on Where is the diversity? I see nothing but Muslims in the Mall of America

  1. I wonder if they have banned remote-controlled Black Hawk helicopters at the toy stores. (Tom Sizemore action figure not included due to recent developments.)

  2. Wow, just wow! Was that filmed during a specific Muslim event or is that a typical Saturday? Because if the latter, the “infidels” are losing in Michigan.

  3. The most frightening place I’ve ever been was flying into Detroit and motoring to Ann Arbor for a business meeting. I don’t remember seeing an actual Michigander. It was the third world. I was traveling with my Jewish boss and he sensed the danger before I did.
    Holy fuck. Scared place.

  4. I have been following Larry Alex Taunton as he has just finished 80 days around the world. He went to 20 countries and he gave them each a score of 1-10 based on his own criteria. He is an Evangelical Christian and he wanted to prove there is no place better than here. His blog is quite enlightening and he drew 10 conclusions. So here is my point to this posting:
    His #3 conclusion was–Diversity has made NO country great.
    BTW–The scariest country (besides Nigeria) was Sweden.

  5. And then there’s the fool who replied and said to calm down racists, it’s only like that during muslim holidays. Probably the same projectionist who said BFH was a Dunning-Krueger poster child.

  6. Muslims flock to cold weather zones like Sweden, Minnesota and Michigan because they’re rabid hockey fans.
    Their wives change pads after 3 periods.

  7. I wish more people “felt in their bones” the tremendous power of exponential growth: 2,4,8,16,32,64,108…. Muslims are a problem and most ha-ha, “too few of ’em to matter” progs have not a clue.

    Their plan *is* world domination and it’s not ha-ha. …Lady in Red

  8. Well get a good look, because this is exactly what the modern Democrat party has in mind for America. And they’re breeding like rabbits.

  9. @Lady in Red. I get it.
    Drove by the newly completed mosque with the big blue dome this afternoon. It sent chills up my spine.
    The brazenness to construct this middle finger post 9/11 tells me that we’ve already lost.
    We should have killed or deported all muzzie man, woman, and child 16 years ago. But they know we’re pussies
    and we cower in fear of being called an……. IST.

  10. I haven’t been there since 2006, but it looked that already then. Spent a week in Edina in 2009 and felt like I had woken up in a third world country.

  11. We are Paying for everything you see in the clip, from their Hijabs to their Baby strollers and they’re Laughing in private while crying foul in public !!!

  12. This should shake everyone up. It’s frightening we’ve digressed to this level. Again it shows gust how much harm Obama and his enablers have done to this country.


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