Where were you the day JFK was assassinated- Here’s where Meatloaf was

This is a crazy story. I never heard it before.

The second story he tells is pretty amusing.

Also, I am struck by how infirm Meatloaf appears to be in this clip, from only a year ago. Much has been made that he was “anti-vax” while purportedly dying from Covid. Watching this clip, I see a man that looks vulnerable to a lot of ailments, any number of which could do him in. He seemed older than his age.

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  1. My only JFK story is that I have a piece of fruitcake deep in the deep freeze with a piece of paper which Geoff C.’s granddad wrote the the date of JFK’s death. It wasn’t to memorialize JFK’s death, it was to mark the day the fruitcake was made. When granddad died, we inherited his freezer and its contents. I kept a small piece of the fruitcake and the paper.

  2. I am a huge Meat fan, since BOOH came out right after I turned 17. I had just met my Jim and that album meant a lot to me. And yes, Meat had been ill for a long time. Several serious back surgeries, knee surgery, broken bones from falls, bad asthma and a heart condition. I hope he died unpoisonated, with his God given DNA intact. Godspeed Meat, thanks for the great music. He was a good actor too.

  3. ” This is like the 4th article on this has been.” … thanks, Yoda

    btw, what you got against Louie Anderson? (insert cute winky emoji here)

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