Where’s the money going? Why College In The US Is So Expensive

Daily Caller:

  • The Daily Caller News Foundation analyzed the nation’s 20 most expensive and the 20 most affordable public universities
  • The more expensive universities spent $11,346 more on instruction per student than the affordable universities
  • Public universities often disguise research as an instructional expense

Universities that offer less faculty compensation, perform less research and have lower tuition rates are more likely to have engaged and effective professors, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis.

Spending at American colleges is out of control. Students and their families have been shouldering the burden of rising college costs in the form of tuition increases that have outpaced the rate of inflation for decades.

But not all universities are the same. Some have managed to keep costs down. Others, not so much.

For example, the University of California at Los Angeles, which has an undergraduate enrollment of 30,873, charged out-of-state students $41,763 in tuition and fees in 2017, placing it among the most expensive public universities in the country.

Situated less than 30 miles away from UCLA is California State University, Los Angeles, which has an undergraduate enrollment of 24,074 and charged out-of-state students $18,512 in tuition and fees in 2017, making it one of the most affordable large universities in the country.

Cases like UCLA and CSULA are commonplace throughout the country. Why are some universities so much more expensive than others?

To find out, The Daily Caller News Foundation analyzed the expenditures of 40 public universities across the country in an effort to discover why some institutions can keep their costs down while others break the bank.  READ MORE

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  1. thanks Brad … absolute fun site of the week!

    watched it 3 times already … & it gets better each time

  2. Holy shit, BB, that video was more education than I’ve had in 4 years and on so many levels. We will win this shitstorm.

    Gonna loop that one.

  3. This is a good article but it misses a crucial historical point. Universities’ original purpose was as a place that gathered scholars both to learn and to do research. They were not intended to be schools for jobs training or credentialing in the nonacademic world. And, unfortunately, what passes for “research” these days in a significant portion of academic disciplines is just crap.

  4. Some years back when all the squirrels were demanding to know the Governor’s salary (public info….duh!), the governor’s office listed the top 400 salaried Virginia State employees in the local birdcage liner and some large majority (my last brain cell is failing me) were professors at our many colleges. I don’t personally care, but it appears that a large portion of tuition goes to pay their somewhat bloated salaries….. not to mention the other perks associated with public employment.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  5. Sadly I’m afraid I wouldn’t have had that much restraint. They would have needed a gut wagon to take them to the ER for treatment.


    6% for each participating school. Students then stand in line for a lottery system to choose winners.

    The rest are:
    Given to corporate sponsors.

    Yep. It’s SUPPOSED TO BE students playing for students, but every non-student is given priority.
    There is hardly any real benefit for actual students. They go in debt, and can’t even enjoy watching their peers play in sports.


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