Which Dems Are Running in 2020?

Will former vice president Joe Biden run in 2020? Might be good for Republicans!
The Conservative Review’s Deneen Borelli has some fun mocking talking about which liberals might run for office in 2020. WATCH

8 Comments on Which Dems Are Running in 2020?

  1. What’s sad is Joe Biden is such a good bullshitter Democrats believe him and like him. Like remember how he creamed Paul Ryan in the 2012 VP debates. He threw out bullshit statements that caught Ryan off guard, and not sure of his facts enough to rebut Biden, somewhat gave Biden the debate. And did the media follow up to call Biden out on his lying? Um … No.

  2. Well they had a woman (Hillary), a gay (Obama), a Muslim (Obama), a communist (Obama), a black (Obama) and a Nigerian (Obama). A white man would at least be different. That is unless there’s a transgender Hispanic out there somewhere?


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