Which is More Important, Trump’s Personality or Your Pocketbook?

CFP: It has been reported that many people want to vote against President Trump (instead of just voting for Joe Biden), because they don’t like his personality, but they must ask themselves, which affects them more in life, his personality or their pocketbook?

I can’t believe that the voters would be so dense as to “cut off their noses to spite their faces”, because that’s what they would be doing if that thought carried the day.

The president is criticized about his tweets, and negative comments about his opponents which they claim are “politically incorrect”, but shouldn’t he be judged on his accomplishments that have benefited the citizens of the United States? read more

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  1. I don’t care about his tweets. I don’t care about his personality. If the things he says and does piss off the left, I love him!

  2. He talks like the real Americans I know. It’s the jealous barf lickers who justify their hatred for him because they lack discernment and candor of us real Americans. Plus they are scared he will upset their applecart. We love him.

  3. The question is a good and valid question. A similar question would be, “Do you harbor irrational hatred for someone whose policies you can’t name and know zero about that you are willing to destroy your own country because of it?”

    (btw: #Walkaway is so well and alive right now, the Communist Democrat Party will be wishing it was ’16 again. Oblowme will not be reached for comment. There will be video evidence that Bill Clinton was on Pedo Island, too.)

  4. Since the race is between him and a brain-dead bag-of-bones*, the question could be reduced to:

    “Will you vote for the only sane man in the race, or throw a temper tantrum because you don’t “like him” and vote for a puppet government?”

    Now ask yourself how many people are going to throw a temper tantrum. Lots.

    But not enough to win without massive voter fraud.

    *Assuming he isn’t dumped at/by the convention.

  5. — I can’t believe that the voters would be so dense as to “cut off their noses to spite their faces”, because that’s what they would be doing if that thought carried the day. —

    Unfortunately, many people base their decisions, including the most important ones, on their visceral reaction to aspects of a situation — or a person — that are essentially irrelevant to the consequences of the decision at issue. We evolved such reactions in part to protect us against things we could not understand, but which gave off odors that signal danger to our as-yet-unrefined brains. That’s Mankind for you.

  6. This really gets to me, and I hear it from people I otherwise believe to be intelligent. Why do people need a “feel good” employee to do a job? If they guy who repairs my truck is good at what he does I don’t give a hoot if he’s an absolute asshole, if he’s a womanizer, if he’s black, yellow or green, if he’s straight or homo. . . to borrow from the Hildabeat, “What difference does it make now anyway?”.

  7. Would the left cut off its nose to spite its face? Just look at their cities being ransacked and burned. Yes, yes they would.

  8. That lines up with the “sweet old man” thing they’re trying to push for Biden lately. Forget all the chest-pokes, Dog-Face Pony Soldiers, Come Here Fats, Gropes and Nuzzles, he’s just a sweet old man who’s just a little irascible (You can use that word, journos) as all old men are, except that mean, boorish Trump. Why, just look at how sweetly Joe put that Anerican flag sticker on the little black kid. You’re evil and heartless if that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye. And you’re going to hell if you call Dear Old Joe a Cog.

  9. The Never Trumpers act as if we are attending a lovely garden party sipping tea with pinkies extended and this brute named Trump crashes the festivities. It’s an actual fight for liberty. They need to let go of their pearl necklaces and vote for Trump and the survival of freedom, or whatever is left of it. And, as great as President Trump is, he cannot do it alone. The left has an endless supply of dirty Soros money and control over so much and I don’t know how we can fight against that. AND, the left keeps training up more marching morons every day.

  10. “Pocketbook “? What is this, 1865? I don’t have a pocketbook, or even know what one is. My wife has a purse, and I have a wallet.

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