Whirlpool will pay workers $1,000 to get vaccinated

Albany Herald-

Whirlpool is offering to pay workers $1,000 to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

The new vaccine incentive, confirmed by Whirlpool to CNN, underscores how Corporate America is trying to win over vaccine-hesitant workers.

The vaccine bonus comes as the Biden administration prepares an emergency rule that will require large companies, like Whirlpool, to ensure their entire workforce is vaccinated or subject unvaccinated staff to weekly testing. Biden officials say companies that don’t comply could face fines of up to $14,000 per violation.

Whirlpool was already offering employees a smaller vaccine incentive but increased it to $1,000 last week.

Chad Parks, a company spokesman, said the stepped-up vaccine bonus will apply to workers who were previously vaccinated as well as newly vaccinated ones. He declined to say how much the previous incentive was for.


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  1. Damn. We bought Whirlpool appliances 2-3 yrs ago and I marvel at the advances they made in quality and features. Now maybe their management can get the contract to establish A/C in hell where they should end up for this misanthropy.

  2. @ Hunter SEPTEMBER 14, 2021 AT 11:43 AM

    If precedence were anything to go on, they just bought themselves a heaping helping of liability. In today’s world, anything goes though.

    We are not going to be able to vote our way out of this mess.

  3. And because Pelosi and the other minions of Satan keep printing dollars clippety-clip, that $1000 bucks is not worth bupkis.

  4. I have been waiting for a new fridge for about a year.
    Nothing in stock, pay up front, and delivery for who the fuck known when.

    So i fixed the old one myself. Defrost timer, 40 Canukistan Pesos.

  5. What is it after taxes? lol
    [And next year’s when you file.]

    Last week, some dude called in pissed to a local radio show because he said [whatever jab he took] was supposed to be free. He just got his medicare statement and he was charged for it. He said *beep* their boosters.

  6. Whirlpool ain’t gonna pay shit – the stockholders will pay.
    I wonder if they had any say in it?

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. And what is WhirlPool supposed to do when workers get sick, sue, die, or quit? Call on BigGov to replace their workers from within their own BigGov ranks? Or from within (mis)management?

  8. The peculiarity of the situation is that they will get some takers. Was the person just holding out for a payoff? Is a baby G enough? Might more be forthcoming? By taking the bribe you agree you aren’t concerned about the consequences of the shots, so are you that cheap that you’ll roll over for a baby G? I’m missing the reasoning here. If you’ve reviewed the evidence and don’t think the shot is a good risk then nothing short of a gun to the face should persuade you. On the other hand, if you’ve done your diligence and think it is a good risk, why, you’ve already gotten yours. The bribe takers mystify me, especially at that low rate.

  9. I wrote about a guy on the other post who is now dead after his employer pressured all the employees to take it and gave them money to do so.

    I went to the store and they had a guy signing the paperwork to get his jab. Younger guy looked to be young twenties. He was telling some woman his job was giving him $500 when he brings back his card showing he’s fully vaccinated.

    I don’t know what he read, but he told her something sounded a little scary, but since it said it was rare, he wasn’t going to worry about it.

    I could have been an asshole and told him if he really wanted to protect himself he’d lose about 150 lbs because if the jab didn’t kill him the virus would kill him because he was obese.

  10. Deplorable 2nd Class you give me several million and I’d take it and hope it killed me fast because I’d have to put myself in isolation out of fear of shedding on my kids, grandkids or husband.
    But then they’d have money to live on for years and not have to worry about forced jabs to keep jobs, etc. It would also help them to fight these bastards.

  11. At least this is a positive approach instead of firing those who decline vaccination. Some will be persuaded, no doubt.

  12. Looks like $1000 is all that Whirlpool believes its workers are worth. Watch some of them line up actually asking to be killed. smh

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