Whispers: Are There Some Democrats Who Are Willing to Jump Ship Over a Bernie Nomination?


Democrats are undergoing what Republicans experienced in 2016. There’s an anti-establishment juggernaut named Sen. Bernie Sanders who could very well lock up the nomination and the window to stop him is quickly closing. There’s talk about some moderate candidate that can beat out Sanders if there’s unity among the other wings of the party. Does this sound familiar? 

In 2016, conservatives were panicking how to stop Trump. They thought if two or three candidates drop out, those voters would go to the strongest alternative. That didn’t happen—and that’s certainly not going to happen with the Democrats. For starters, there are no moderates running. They’re all left-wingers or hardcore liberals. It’s a battle between different shades of Bernie and bleeding hearts—and Sanders enjoys high popularity among Democratic voters. They like him. There is no ‘stop Sanders’ movement coming. So, what now? Like Never Trump voters who were mad that Trump won the GOP nomination and the 2016 election, will there be Never Sanders voters?  read more

6 Comments on Whispers: Are There Some Democrats Who Are Willing to Jump Ship Over a Bernie Nomination?

  1. Boomer Democrats sick of hearing the Berniebro shit from their kids is my guess. Can’t wait for next Thanksgiving.

  2. if Comrade Bernie is nominated my feeling is the vast majority of moderates will just stay home & not even bother … good for PDT
    some will cross over to Trump, but not admit it … also good for PDT


    then again, this may just be a plant story to try to lull Trump voters into complacency

    get out & vote PDT!!! … volunteer as a poll worker … put up signs …. help your elderly neighbors to the polls … do everything you can …. Keep American Great … Trump 2020

  3. I think never Bernie is not going to be a staple. But any sane dems, a dwindling population, may quietly defect. But these are the base dems and they all are radical socialists, none have been against policy so don’t think they won’t vote for him. I think what they fear is taking the mask off knowing America ain’t there yet. They aren’t rejecting Bernie for policy. Just worried he is going to get rejected speaking truth and power.

  4. I vote for people who believe in the Bill of Rights. Dems jumping ship to become republicans means nothing to me. If one doesnt support our founding, you wont get my vote. Period.

  5. I think, among other things, the Democrat voter turnout in the GE will reflect their turnout in the primaries: no inspiration and very much off the ’16 election. This is why Parscale and the RNC are so interested in the makeup of Trump rallies; averaging 20% Democrats and about 15-20% never voted before. A lot of Independents from ’16 have had one foot unshackled from the Democrats for the last couple GEs, so maybe the trend will be to jump squarely into the Republican side of the spreadsheet in ’20. My hope is that these so-called Swing voters will stop dancing around and finally alight on the R side for good and all once they figure out which party is representing their American interests. I’ve never truly understood Swing voters.

  6. When the entire Bush Clan said “Vote Clinton” Oct ’16 millions of “Republicans” voted Dem. Or at least Fox says so.

    My point is – such a thing has happened before’ not unusual!


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