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Whistleblower: “Do We Live In A Secret Police State?”


DOJ Wants Details of Mysterious FBI Raid on Protected IG Whistleblower Kept Secret – Target of Raid Says “Police State”.

An interesting legal development (full pdf below) in the aftermath of the mysterious FBI raid on protected FBI whistleblower Nate Cain. [Backstory]  The DOJ wants the details behind the search warrant to remain under seal, and the whistleblower target of that warrant -who was not arrested- is accusing the DOJ-FBI of being a police state.

Something about this entire story is just not adding up.  The whistleblower came forward to the IG with information about how the FBI covered-up for the Clintons during investigations about the Clinton Foundation.  The IG gave the whistleblower protection, confirmed anonymity, and passed on his documentary evidence to the Senate Intelligence Committee (SSCI).   Then the whistleblower gets raided.

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  1. The answer to the question is : I have no knowledge relating to the truth or falsity of that proposition. Continued questions along this line are not helpful to the conversation. By the way, I happened to see your high school records recently. There are some interesting notes in them.

  2. Why, what did he expect from the DoJ and FBI, anyway?
    He shoulda went right to the internet like everyone else does. Then his story (and him) would be forgotten in 15 minutes.

  3. It seems no one in Washington has the remotest idea, or intent on fixing a broken DOJ and FBI. We are on our own it seems because the crickets aren’t putting any skin in the war.

  4. The dog that didn’t bark…

    “The United States Office of Special Counsel (OSC) is a permanent independent federal investigative and prosecutorial agency…OSC’s primary mission is the safeguarding of the merit system in federal employment by protecting employees and applicants from prohibited personnel practices (PPPs), especially reprisal for “whistleblowing.”


  5. Trump should be concerned, as this is being done during his tenure. Historians will not care that the cancer started years before.

    Nor do I.

  6. So, who is in charge? And why is this being allowed to happen?
    I really want to assume it will end badly for the Deep State Perps.

  7. That that is not a ridiculous question tells you the answer.

    But it’s ok because the FBI and DOJ lawyers/agents have each told us clearly that they are lifelong devotees (full pensions) and they only have the highest standard in mind as they do what they do, and that you have no standing to know what that is.

  8. Saw an interesting conspiracy theory on this. The raid was set up by Trump as a ruse, false information was planted to smoke out leakers and traitors in the Justice dept. the bait was taken. there never was information in the house and the person of interest wasn’t the real informant.


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