Whistleblower: Fauci never did the right thing.

Fauci wants you to trust him and look at his record.
Well, taking a gander at his record, you will see that Fauci is a disgusting creep. Is that opinion a little strong?
You tell me.

Dr. Johnathan Fishbein on Dr. Fauci: it’s time for “new blood”

The doctor who blew the whistle on Dr. Fauci in 2005 calls for him to step aside, saying “we need to have some new perspective” when it comes to COVID.
-John Solomon Reports.

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  1. Why is Trump hanging on to this evil midget bitch?

    Does anyone think if a Republican was caught up in whistleblower harassment, sexual harassment, forcing a drug he owns to be used in trials, killed foster children, AND pregnant African women (REAL African women), that he’d still have a job with the Feds???

    Can someone please help me forward the interview link to the Trump people on social media?
    Nobody pays me any mind. My ass is on a DC watch list since I mailed bricks to John McCain that one time.

    Ok, two times.

  2. I think over half the country is wondering why, MJA.

    “Ours is not to wonder why. Ours is but to do or die.” (Grandfather would say that every time I saw him.)

    Soon it will be:

    “Ours is not to wonder why. Ours is to shove your deleterious vaccine right up your totalitarian ass! Oh, and get off my planet while you’re at it, and your little dog, too.”

  3. The people have to demand Faustus’ reckoning. Most people with at least half brain function have to now know he’s a fraud. He’s demonstrated it. If PT pulled him the left would go even more postal. We have to give PT the go ahead with 4 more years.

  4. @MJA: “Why is Trump hanging on to this evil midget bitch?”

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  5. This evil individual sold his Soul to Lucifer decades ago. It hangs proudly down here next to Hillary Clinton’s Soul, among many others.

    We don’t call this bastard “Dr. Faustus” for nothing.

    I’d call Fauci ‘scum’ but I have too much respect for scum.

    He needs to stop taking Quineprox and add himself to the COVID fatality list. It’s simple justice for murdering the American economy and, with it, thousands of American lives.

    Yeah, I said it.

  6. Fauci ™ ® ©

    It’s all about the $$$
    Vaccine royalties.
    Patents pending.
    Registered trademarks.

    Fauci ™ ® ©

  7. I’ve said it over and over. If Trump had surrounded himself with the likes of the Fauci’s, Birx’s, Sessions’ and Barr’s when building his real estate empire, he’d be lucky to own a single wide trailer.

  8. The Liberal Socialist Democrats have a near perfect mole planned on the C19V Emergency Mgt. Council.

    Maybe Trump could get him to look into the C-19V problem resurfacing in the Bosnia area. I heard Clinton used a C-130 very effectively in the Bosnia area to solve the Ron Brown problem.

  9. Guess America’s afflicted with more than one virus.

    Fauci’s a minor symptom of a greater disease. He’s a pustule on America’s anus – an irritant. Those who propelled him to prominence are the real threat. He’s the front-man, the puppet, the carnival barker – the show is behind the curtain.

    The clowns distract the audience from the set changes.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. I agree with you MJA, I sent an email to the White House in March concerning Dr Fraud and the whole mess with the lockdown. I received a cordial response but not really what I wanted to hear.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love President Trump but I feel he should have replaced the 🐀 ratfink, when it became clear this guy had other motives.

  11. I can only imagine the stink raised by the left were Trump to remove Fauci right now. Incredibly, there are a lot of people who believe that wearing a face diaper will save lives. These people constantly tell me they would rather listen to “Doc Fauci” than to our president, because he only says things only to get reelected. These people are not right in the head, but they will vote – and not for Joe Biden, but against Trump. It’s terribly depressing, realizing people can be so stupid, but that’s where we are at today. Keep your fingers crossed and your powder dry – it’s going to be a wild ride to November.

  12. Fauci is still up to his dishonest, attention whoring, money grubbing ways. Fragile little ego on the little man with the chair heights too. LOL.
    I shared this twice on Trump’s fb. Not that he’ll see it unless enough people listen and like it.
    I shared this with Howie Carr. Trump loves his show and invites Howie to Mara Lago occasionally.
    I shared it on my fb and on a couple of conservative groups.
    Hopefully this gets some attention.

  13. But Dr. Fauchi is a serious athelete! He must have played varsity sports in college!


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