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Whistleblower Finds Pentagon Account Used To Pay Stefan Halper

It seems defense analysis Adam Lovinger was going over the books at the Pentagon and came across the name Stefan Halper. Curious, the individual discovered the Oxford professor (and known dabbler in intelligence) was paid $1,058,161 out of a Department of Defense account to generate four reports. Interestingly enough, Halper was given checks for his Pentagon work at about the same time he’d been in contact with Carter Page, George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn. More 

Like all good whistleblowers during the Obama regime, Lovinger was targeted by director James Baker overseeing these accounts  in the Office of Net Assessment. Lovinger was further singled out by an Obama appointed official, Barbara Westgate, who oversees adjudication process. Adam Lovinger was stripped of his security clearance, removed from his post within the White House and suspended without pay. Here

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  1. Setup from start to finish. FBI pays Halper to dangle money and attempt to entrap low-level functionaries abroad into carrying undeclared cash back home.

    Then, use those meetings as the basis for more spying.

    End the FBI or fire so many people that you wouldn’t recognize it.

    Let’s not stop there. End the FISA court. What is its approve/deny ratio? If it’s just a rubber stamp that it is ok to lie to without consequence then it is not needed either.

    It was meant to track terrorists, not US citizens who are political opponents.

  2. If he found Halper’s pay, maybe he can find Halper, too.

    I know, I know…beating a dead spook.

    Been gone a whole year.

    Ok, I’m finished

  3. A reasonable person would assume the Mattis has a lot on his plate right now and not a lot of allies he can depend on, but he had best take the reins on this one and eliminate these political hacks that railroaded this poor bastard.

  4. Good thing he wasn’t in the State Department, he probably would have come down with a fatal case of Clintonitis.

  5. This should be the subject of a thorough investigation by Woodward and Bernstein. The Washington Post and the New York Times will be on this like a deaf and blind paraplegic as soon as they realize it won’t amount to anything.

  6. It’s like Groundhog Day. Everyday I read the morning news and I get pissed off that no perps are doing the walk. Then I read Trust the Plan, and I settle down for about 5 minutes. It’s only 5 minutes because I’ve just read something new that pisses me off. It’s like that everyday, Groundhog Day.

  7. Cliche Guevara
    AUGUST 28, 2018 AT 11:55 AM
    End the FISA court. What is its approve/deny ratio?

    FISC was greatly expanded under the Patriot Act after 9/11 specifically aimed at terrorists.

    I’m curious to know the actual capture/prevention rate of terrorists? I suspect it’s minimal given they’re too busy targeting US citizens and/or financial criminals. Particularly when Las Vegas, Pulse Nightclub etc happen right under their noses, yet congress keeps renewing FISA, no questions asked.

    As to Lovinger, odd he was pulled back from NSC after 5 short months in the Trump admin.

  8. Did no one know The United States government paid Mr. Halper?

    Or am I supposed to be concerned about the career aspirations of a United States apparatchik who chose to swear allegiance to Barack Obama?

  9. Engel: Exactly. They have to keep track of what comes through.

    As far as I am concerned, it is an unaccountable, un-American Secret Court to circumvent any target’s (Read: Citizen’s) civil rights.

    Secret judges. Secret hearings. Fake evidence. Potemkin reviews. Kabuki justice.

    And the FBI is aiming for being the villain in Iron Man 3. They want to be in control of the terrorists they create and the government’s response.

    I will say this about Trump, the deep state and media dropped all pretense about what they really are upon his arrival.

    Everybody knew the media lied sbout everything but the depth of corruption in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc. was an eye opener even for a hardened cynic like me.


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