Whistleblower says El Paso ambulances picking up COVID-19 patients from Juarez


El Paso is making international headlines for the COVID-19 outbreak.

As emergency responders are being recognized across the nation, El Paso’s first responders may be facing more danger from COVID-19 than anyone else.

El Paso firefighters in the trenches of the COVID-19 pandemic, cannot talk on the record about the number of people they are picking up every day from El Paso’s international bridges.

But a whistleblower inside the fire department spoke to KFOX14 exclusively on condition of anonymity.

“There’s somedays where it’s only three or four times and other days when it will be 13 or 14 responses. You’ll be there for one patient and [CBP] customs will let you know, hey there’s another one right behind them and another one sometime there are four or five waiting in line,” said the anonymous source. more

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15 Comments on Whistleblower says El Paso ambulances picking up COVID-19 patients from Juarez

  1. This shit makes my blood boil. And the leftists will say “look at red state Texas, their covid cases are increasing!”

    And why is CBP allowing them to cross in the midst of a pandemic????

  2. Mexico sending its indigent patients across the border is a common practice.

    I think international law or treaty with us requires us to accept them.

  3. …trust me, the illegals have FAR more infectious problems they’re bringing to El Paso with them than the Chinese FakeFlu, they’ve got tuberculosis, Hep A-C, meningitis, Zika (remember THAT one, you will when the pinhead babies are born), flus that AREN’T made-up ones that there’s no vaccine for because they weren’t here previously, all the crap your kids were vaccinated for but the Mexicans weren’t like diphtheria and such, and polio is making a comeback in the Third World, plus a LOT of immigrants coming through the Southern border are NOT Hispanics (Other Than Mexican, OTM, is the “official” term) so Muslims trying to cross will bring things like Ebola with them and the strain of COVID, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, that’s been killing people in Muslim lands since the Obama administration but they didn’t talk about it because, politics…


    And probably a hundred things incubated all over the world that NO ONE in this country has ever even HEARD of…


    …so I wouldn’t worry about COVID.

    Because they’ve brought far, far WORSE with them.

    …and you won’t hear about THAT until it’s too late because, Democrats…

  4. They are so desperate to continue the “pandemic” I put nothing past them. Vote Red in 2020!

  5. Even the Texas first responders are human trafficing!
    Trump might get a handle on this mess with about 6 or 7 more terms.

  6. If they’d just report the REAL NEWS… All the major new cases of Covid is coming for ILLEGALS crossing the boarder! Not Church, Restaurant or Shopping gatherings!


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