White Boys Can’t Wear the Black Panther Costume! – Mark Dice – IOTW Report

White Boys Can’t Wear the Black Panther Costume! – Mark Dice

Dice goes full SJW and complains about white child modeling the Black Panther outfit online and he effects change!

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  1. Can non gay boys now dress up as The Green Lantern? The new Green Lantern sucks but what do I know I’m old school, the older Green Lantern was far better with art by Gil Kane and Neal Adams.

  2. Wow.
    Just “Wow.”

    Makes the likes of Claire McCaskill and Schmucky Schumer more plausible.
    Kafka and Gogol couldn’t be more absurd.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Don’t y’all understand that it’s important to program your children now for the leftist utopia to come? If you don’t teach them to focus upon differences in people instead of similarities, then Democrats can’t successfully promote the policies their Party was founded upon. lol

    Oh yeah, my Halloween costume; the Frito Bandito, along with my sidekick – Bean Dip!

  4. When confronted with the cultural appropriation or racism accusation just explain you’re “transitioning” and that the accuser has to accept your choices or they’re haters.

  5. I occasionally watch the program 48 Hours on A&E and have often wondered why someone doesn’t complain about the overt racism in providing subtitles nearly every time a black person is in the interview room for questioning. I’m kidding, but it is another target. If I knew how to notify Mark Dice, I’d tell him. Sounds like a job for BFH.

  6. Not a single trick-or-treater in our neighborhood tonight. Kids can’t wear a Halloween costume now without being afraid of being called a racist or be accused of “appropriating someone else’s culture”. Thank you you slimy left-wing PC hate-filled liberal thugs for ruining a fun holiday for kids. The democRATs and crybaby liberals ruin everything they touch. Get out and vote, get your Republican and Conservative friends out to vote and vote RED. NEVER vote for a democRAT again unless you willing to see everything including our traditions in this country destroyed.


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