White Girls Harassing Police About BLM

Notice that the dumb bint never explains WHY saying All Lives Matter is offensive.

ht/ c. steven tucker

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  2. I would love to send these two to South Africa where whites are being systemically eliminated.

  3. Can you imagine guys? being
    married to that harpie ???
    I might shoot her or me, hell
    maybe both!

  4. A month ago the cop would have got fired for that video. He’s got about a 10% chance of keeping his job now, maybe.

  5. Don Lemōn summed it up real nice with the Terry Crews interview. BLM only refers to “police brutality against black people.” and “if you want to start a group about blacks losing their life for any other reason then start one with that name.” As if the all encompassing term “lives matter” is supposed to literally translate to “police brutality.”

    However, now that we’re armed with that bit of insight, White Lives Matter MUCH MUCH more than Black Lives Matter since whites are much more likely to be brutalized by cops than blacks are. That’s just a simple fact.

    Yes, indeed, if we are serious about ending police brutality then most certainly everyone must replace BLM with WLM.

    Thank you for summing that up for us, Don Lemōn. Had any other news anchor said such a thing, especially a white, they would have been shitcanned. The protected class has brought a very important cause to the forefront: WHITE LIVES MATTER more than BLACK LIVES.

    Slogan: WLM > BLM

  6. Turn it around on them. Since this is about hurt feelings. What about our hurt feelings?
    I just want to have a discussion about why you think black lives matter more than white lives and how hurtful that is to police and whites?
    We live in a time when feelings trump everything, kind of like a two year old.
    We have got to burn it all down because of feelings.

  7. That is the liberal brain trust right there.
    She posted that video not knowing how stupid she sounds.

  8. An enterprising conservative group should produce a video of multiple Blacks saying “all lives matter” and send it to social media for mass distribution.
    Then the police can play it back on their smart phone and show it to these idiots when they spout off. I will wager there are many celebrity Blacks who would volunteer to be in the video.

  9. I think he responded fine.
    My reply would be a question – “Which black lives are you talking about?”
    Of course they will say “Those killed by cops.”
    I come back with “What about those murdered by other blacks daily in libtard cities?” and “What about those children I protected when I arrested that raging, armed drug addict in their neighborhood last week?” and “What about those unborn babies ripped from their mothers’ wombs daily by abortion clinics?”
    Then I say “That’s why I say all lives matter.”
    Then she screams “RACIST!!!!!”

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    Borders Detroit on the N
    Lake St Clair in the E and S
    Has been losing population since 1970

    At the 2000 census, there were 9,764 people, 3,804 households, and 2,868 families residing in the city. The population density was 3,618.8 per square mile (1,396.3/km²). There were 3,937 housing units at an average density of 1,459.2 per square mile (563.0/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 97.58% White, 0.65% African American, 0.11% Native American, 1.13% Asian, 0.11% from other races, and 0.42% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.11% of the population.

  11. The woman is an ignorant slut.

    Saying All Lives Matter includes all, IOW, it is inclusive, a favored liberal word.

    Instead of saying Black Lives Matter, Brown Lives Matter, etc., just say All Lives Matter and you’ve got it all covered.

    Liberals are just so stupid.

  12. Slap a stupid woke white girl for God and country today. Because a country run by stupid woke women is just a cuntry.

  13. Why Do So Many White See You Next Tuesday’s Hate Themselves?


    Some observers see all of this as a contradiction. Since the “woke white woman” tends to be college-educated, many think she must be smart. Since she comes from a middle- or even upper-class suburban background, people assume she must be emotionally stable. Because she is socially aware, she must be interested in trying to understand people as individual human beings. How is it that such a woman can so easily become an arsonist, a terrorist, a mobster, and a taunter of black police officers?

    She shows none of the positive traits expected of her. Her commitment to identity politics demands she reject people as unique human beings. Since she insists racism is “systemic,” she is forever guilty and therefore cannot be emotionally stable. In her obedience to the coercive thought reform of the education establishment, she has surrendered the right to think independently.

    Other observers don’t see contradictions, but a catty and spoiled girl whose main pursuit is the collection of status points — of which the latest method is to pose as an ally of the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement. She could be the one giving you the finger as she cuts you off in her Mercedes, and her natural habitat is the public middle school where she is forever stuck scanning the landscape for winners and losers.

  14. The amazing thing is that these women actually expect to win their ‘arguments.’ When they don’t, they go berserk (if they’re not there already).

  15. The Black Lives Matter in not only a marxist regime, it is also a cult. Many of these vampent white women are very needy and have no purpose in life. BLM, unknown to these woman, an ideology of marxist lock step lies, gives them the feeling they are helping make a better world.

    These women have no idea they are expendable – their lives don’t matter to BLM Inc. They are sacrificing their sanity, (what remains) and fortunes in support of a communist organization, in reality will destroy their lives and supports black genocide.


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