White Guy Who Killed Little Black Girl, Sparking Justice Rallies, Turns Out To Be Black

Whoopsie Daisy.


A manhunt began after the Dec. 30 murder of 7-year-old Jazmine, who was fatally shot when a suspect opened fire on her family’s car. Her mother, 30-year-old LaPorsha Washington, and her three sisters were also inside the car at the time.

Gonzalez said Wednesday the attack “could potentially be race related.” Jazmine was black, and the suspect was initially reported to be a white man in his 40s.

Artist Sketch

Activists, celebrities and local community leaders called for justice in the killing, and a $100,000 reward was put on offer for information leading to the suspect’s arrest.

“It was not fair. It was not fair. He intentionally killed my child for no reason,” she said. “He didn’t even know her. He didn’t know who she was.”


Activists and rabble rousers will quietly slink away. The young girl’s death is of no use to them now.

Here’s the guy arrested for capital murder.


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  1. It’s not really a laughing matter but, LOL!

    I watched an interview with the family saying how white the guy was. Even teenage daughter was saying that he was so pale that he looked sick. What that tells me, is that they were coaching from the get go. That these people would use the death of their daughter as an instrument stoke racial insecurity is sickening beyond words

  2. A $100K reward for some black thug? ….smile…. It seems that at least one person is very very happy today. …..Lady in Red

    PS: I suspect the shooting was not random….

  3. Dude could have 1/1024 percents white DNA. If so, that is obviously the parts of him what fired them shots. And this was the result of his great-great-great-Grand Mammy being the victim of white oppression. As for the mother’s certainty that the killer was a white man, they all looks alike to some peeples.

  4. Durka Durka, my thoughts exactly or her drug dealer. With the mom saying he didn’t even know her daughter leads me to believe the bullet was for mom cause he knew HER.

  5. Because White guys go into black neighborhoods and shoot up cars every day.

    Next they will claim the guy arrested is innocent, and the REAL shooter (white) is still out there. Probably the same guy who killed OJ’s wife.

  6. TRF January 6, 2019 at 9:41 am

    How sick is it to stand on the dead body of a kid just to promote yer agenda!!

    Anyone out to kill someone does not care if it’s an adult or a child, all they care about is offing someone. Now, if they identified the shooter in the beginning as being BLACK, does anyone think that $100,000 would have been raised? Nope. Furthermore, they set up a PayPal for the child’s funeral. I don’t get that when they have $100,000 already. I’m surprised they didn’t call it reparations for Jaqzmine.

    This story will die now because the turd they caught was black. What can they say now? Riots averted…this time. The family’s pockets are full of money, they’re happy.

  7. “How sick is it to stand on the dead body of a kid just to promote yer agenda!!”

    ..Democrats have a LOT of experience in using kids, @TRF. They use them as campaign tools, as sex slaves, as pawns like this one, and as trusting minds that they can use the schools to pour the poison of Socialism into.

    They can even use them before they’re born, for parts, for cells, for political footballs, even as means to sway elections. Useful as kids are to them, they seem to prefer KILLING them more than ANYTHING, it’s almost a sacramental rite to them…

    …and, once they reach their logical conclusion and try to implement full Communism by force, it will be the children that suffer the MOST at their hands, whether by famine or by war.

    As the Lord said on the way to his own crucifixion…

    “27 And there followed him a great company of people, and of women, which also bewailed and lamented him.
    28 But Jesus turning unto them said, Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children.
    29 For, behold, the days are coming, in the which they shall say, Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck.
    30 Then shall they begin to say to the mountains, Fall on us; and to the hills, Cover us.
    31 For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?”
    -Luke 22:27-31

    …The Sanhedrin had our Lord crucified to preserve their OWN power. Can the really expect the Democrats to do less? But since they can’t get to HIM, well, his children will be used as His proxies until He returns.

    But I DON’T think they will be happy on the day that he DOES…

  8. Sometimes looks aren’t deceiving. The kids don’t seem to have the same father (the mother probably never married any of the fathers) and mom has a tongue piecing – nothing homespun about that. All living a hoodrat lifestyle, even though the mother appears to be intelligent enough to know better. Doubt anyone in that family cares the racist indoctrination of the children will destroy their future. Very sad this little girl was a victim in more ways than one.

  9. “Now on to the next story: Who gets the $100k snitch money?”

    …no, the only way this story will live any longer in the national media @TheRealTruthSerum is if it can be blamed on the President somehow. Perhaps Mueller would like to see if he colluded with the shooter because he’s JUST THAT RAYCISS./s

    …otherwise, the next story will be one that serves the agenda of the Democrats more closely, even if they have to make it up. It’s just their way…

  10. …I’m just suprised that the Muzzies and that tiresome Cockroach chick haven’t complained about the drawing looking like dude’s wearing a hijab. Which would quickly be followed by complaints that they’re trying to make it look like Michelle Obama, ’cause if ever a dude would wear a hijab and kill children for no reason, well…

  11. The instant I started seeing headlines about DeAndre Hopkins (Houston Texans wide receiver) offering to pay some kids funeral expenses, I knew some race hustling bullshit was afoot.

    These people are about as spontaneous and unpredictable as the Schlieffen Plan

  12. Were they driving a “red truck” when the shooting occured?
    I wonder if we’ll find out. To me that will really be a tell with regards to all of this.

  13. Exact same thing with “hands up don’t shoot”.
    Sad & Scary.More of this is coming.Hate hoax
    list by Dave Blount.

  14. If hate crimes are so common, how come they have to keep making them up?™
    It doesn’t get any more ironic, he really is a Black.

  15. SQUID

    Agree with above.

    Had some friends that were squids. Mostly “Frogies” but some guys wearing Dolphins. All good men, or theyd not been friends.


    That line above is b s. I have known “my betters” were immoral liars for decades. What is shocking is how many:a – believe their lies; and then b – pretend the lies were immaterial mistakes when proved to be lies.

  16. @TRF

    “After it was initially thought” ….. to be a hate crime

    Gotta love that weaponized use of the passive voice

    And why use the word “thought”? There was no higher order thinking here

  17. Memories of the Atlanta killer of young boys – the Blacks insisted that the serial killer had to be White because no Black man would do that.
    When the police asked the Black people if they noticed a White man riding along the streets in their neighborhood, they got confused and still insisted no Black man would kill their children.
    He did.

  18. The race baiters are not sad the little girl is dead just that she wasn’t killed by a white person! Now they will have to sacrifice more little girls hoping that one of them is killed by a white person! Sort of like sacrificing your kids to the volcano gods only they do it to the gods of equality!!

  19. You don’t see very many blacks with blue eyes, the teenager in the car who gave the description said the shooter was white with blue eyes. This is why so many criminals are let loose, because the witness made up what they saw. Right from the start the guy was white, yet look how black the murderer is.

  20. Remember to save those hashtag links, folks. All the people who wanted #JusticeForJazmine, really #JustHateWhitePeople. Don’t let the rest of the world forget.

  21. The out will be the two suspects’ African Ancestry DNA test results will show they are 87% white European ancestry despite their black skin.

  22. From the Daily Mail: as it emerges civil rights activist Shaun King passed on the tip that led to his capture

    So the snitch is white and $100,000 richer.

  23. My wife watches a lot of TV, and says this arrest and ID of the suspects as black men has not been covered on the MSM.

    No big surprise there.

  24. Might not be “factually correct” but “morally right.”

    These people are delusional.

    izlamo delenda est …


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