White House interviewing 5 potential U.S. Supreme Court nominees

obama nominee here

Reuters: The White House is interviewing five potential nominees for the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy created by the death last month of Justice Antonin Scalia, a source familiar with the process told Reuters on Wednesday.

The source said those under consideration were federal judges Sri Srinivasan, Jane Kelly, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Paul Watford and Merrick Garland.

The five have been reported to be on the short list of potential nominees, but the source said they were the only ones currently under consideration.  MORE

12 Comments on White House interviewing 5 potential U.S. Supreme Court nominees

  1. The clean up boy from Man’s Country.
    The he/she Bruce Jenner.
    Karl Marx’s ghost.
    Reinhard Heydrich resurrected.

  2. Those names are just a cover for the real nominees. Robert Mugabe, Kim Jong Un, Angela Merkel, Jorge Ramos and Bernadette Dorn! My money’s on Mugabe!

  3. Let’s be serious now about whom Barky would nominate:
    Eric Holder
    John Kerry
    Rep Keith Ellison

  4. So I guess we have a week or so of glowing MSM biographies of the Futile Five, and lamentations about the obstructionist Senate, followed by the return of the Futile Five to the oblivion whence Obama pulled them.

    Right, Mitch?

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