White House Only Able To Confirm Trucker Joe Biden Once Rode In The Cab Of An 18-Wheeler And Drove A School Bus

Fox News

Forty-eight-year political veteran President Biden raised eyebrows on Wednesday when he claimed to have driven an 18-wheeler truck — a claim the White House struggled to defend.

Biden was visiting a Mack Truck facility in Pennsylvania when he made the claim to have driven the massive trucks before, which require a special kind of license.

“I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man,” Biden said on Wednesday in a video posted to Twitter. “I got to.” More

21 Comments on White House Only Able To Confirm Trucker Joe Biden Once Rode In The Cab Of An 18-Wheeler And Drove A School Bus

  1. Maybe Slow Joe was driving that truck that killed his wife, and he’s now revealing it due to his dementia.

  2. We actually don’t really need more evidence that the man is a pathological liar. It’s become tiresome. But the presidential line of succession is terrifying.
    Then Pelosi.

    Leave the retard where he is. For now.

    I will always respect him for his engineering skills that brought back the Apollo 13 astronauts and for his invaluable insights that allowed the first successful flight of the Wright Brothers and his invention of instant pudding and his putting the ‘Rama lamb’ in the Rama lamba ding dong.

  3. Oh, yeah! He was driving that school bus with a young Rosa Parks on board at the back of the bus. What’s more, Corn Pop was hanging onto the back door, riding on the bumper. And that big 18 wheeler? That was in South Africa, and Joey was driving it over to Robben Island to free Nelson Mandela from all those White Colored Supremacist. Tara Reade was the stewardess, but don’t tell Dr. Jill.

  4. @loco blanco

    If you were Biden’s wife wouldn’t you veer into the path of an 18 wheeler to pancake yourself? She figured the other driver would be fine and she’d be out of her misery.

    Just asking.

  5. He also claimed to have ridden a billion miles on Amtrak and got arrested trying to visit Nelson Mandela.
    Mined coal in West Virginia.
    Stood up to Corn Pop…

    “Come on man!”

  6. Is it official yet? Can we start calling the occupant THE AMAZING KRESKIN? The dude can bend spoons with his mind.

    Sadly, after he bends the spoons he tries to eat his ovaltine from them. And secret service has to come in and wipe off his face before the next Covid babbling.

  7. …years ago, when me and a buddy were finishing a shift at the firehouse, his dad happened by in his official capacity of a Public Service road worker, with an oversized lawn mower kind of thing for the purpose of painting edge lines on smaller City streets. Just for the hell of it he gave us a short drill on how to operate it, and with us laughing and shouting like the young men we were, I think I painted maybe 6 feet of street line before the guy from the apartment in his robe stomped out to read us the Riot Act about waking people who worked third shift up.

    Properly chastened, we slunk away, leaving my buddy’s dad to finish his striping chore alone in relative silence, aside from the snorting tool that laid down the paint.

    So I can say in all honesty I once painted a City street.

    But it’s not something I’d put on a resume.

    And it CERTAINLY doesnt make me Michelangelo…

  8. I remember the time I had 24 hours to deliver a load of Coors…..breaker, breaker….

  9. I, joe’s defense, he was estimating the number of wheels, since he can’t count past 10 with his pants zipped up.

  10. I flew the Wright Bros aeroplane before they did.

    And, yes, I have been to the moon, come on, man.

    And I’m the one who taught Shakes-pier all those hard words, and shit.

  11. He drove a school bus? One of those creaky old bitches with a hi-lo axle, and a 4 speed?

    I bet it was a tard-bus with an automatic.

    I can’t even drive a hi-lo axle for shit, and I own one.

  12. Joe riding in a school bus, horrible!

    I bet he stood right by that door and “SSIFFFFF” as each poor victim walked by him.

    Honestly, Dominion & the Globalists, inserted this guy to make Turdeau, MerCullo, & Macaroni look good. All the leaders that Trump Humiliated with that last round of Negotiations.

  13. If Joe says he remembers driving an 18 wheeler, he remembers it! That fact that it did not happen in reality is beside the point.

    He also remembers winning the election. That didn’t happen either. But here we are.

    BTW:The succession is Joe…Kamala…Nancy…Xi Jinping.

  14. Joe has always been a pedophile, did his first wife pull into the path of that 18 wheeler on purpose to protect her brood the only way she knew how because the cabal was never punish this child molester?


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