White House physician report says Trump ‘remains healthy’

Just the News:

The president recently completed a regimen of hydroxychloroquine.

The White House physician on Wednesday certified that President Trump “remains healthy” as he nears his re-election bid, a key component of chief executives hoping to tout their on-the-job vitality during an election season.

The report listed nothing unusual about Trump’s health condition, stating that standard medical markers such as blood pressure, thyroid function, cholesterol and blood counts were all normal.  more

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  1. the guy is ten years my senior, and I am pretty sure that I couldn’t hang with him for a friken week! God bless him!

  2. Good news, my doctor said today that I could start driving again as long as I wear my protective boot. My left foot is healing well 6 weeks after my surgery, I might not go back to work quite yet, it looks like a few more weeks but I can drive and be more mobile now. And my son and I got our haircut this afternoon, hallelujah I was starting to look like a wooly bum bum and now my hair has been buzzcut and my beard trimmed neatly so I almost feel and look normal again. It’s good to get back to a normal routine, thank goodness. And may God bless President Trump with continuing good health.

  3. …that’s great news about your healing @geoff the aardvark, and may the Lord continue it as the Ultimate Physician even as he heals this land so you can dance at President Trump’s Second Inaugural.

    God Bless,


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