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White House Press Corps Treated Results Of Trump’s Medical Exam Like Results Of The Election

DC:Reporters were given the opportunity to ask White House physician Ronny Jackson questions about President Trump’s health Tuesday, and they took news of Trump’s good health about as well as they handled the 2016 election results.

Indeed, the White House press corps gave Jackson a cross examination fit for the Watergate investigation over the results of Trump’s cognitive test.

Jackson administered a cognitive exam to President Trump last Friday, and said Tuesday that the president did “exceedingly well on it.” A previous statement from Jackson also indicated that Trump is in “excellent health.”

Many in the White House press corp, on the other hand, seemed to question if Trump really was in good health.

CNN’s Jim Acosta used the press briefing to ask whether Dr. Jackson may be withholding information about Trump’s health from the public.  more here

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  1. In the Age of the Boomerang, it wouldn’t surprise me if the next presser finds Acosta in the hospital for hemorrhoid surgery, and April Ryan recovering from a stroke.

  2. Despite this glowing eval, Newsweak isout today with some wishcasting about a potential heart attack, how “dangerously overweight” he is and that his cholesterol is “skyrocketing”.

    Maybe he should start smoking menthols, doing coke, and eating dogs to obtain the Newsweak seal of approval.

    Now, can I finish my waffle?

  3. Attention whore.

    It would be OK if Sarah didn’t call on him in every press conference, on the other hand every time he opens his mouth he proves press is slanted and fake news.

  4. They all could not have been more disappointed to get that fantastic report. They were hoping for a terrible prognosis. MAGA!

  5. And their audience continues to shrink.

    CNN’s total viewership on a very good day is less than 0.3 % of the country.
    99.7 % are not watching CNN.

    They’re regularly beaten by Cartoon Network and The Fireplace Channel.

  6. The media hammer the military doctor, but when Hussein Obama was president the media was silent, we know Hussein Obama was a big smoker and Hillary Clinton is a sick bitch mentally and physically.

  7. The desperation of the press to find something, ANYTHING to support their pre-conceived opinions of President Trump’s fitness for office is laughable. But in the end, inconvenient facts are simply ignored.

  8. And these same pieces of shit “believed” everything that was fed to them about Hillary’s health during the campaign.

  9. This WH doctor was also official doctor to both Obama and Bush.

    BP of 122/74? Excellent at any age. Trump’s campaign schedule exhausted staffers half his age. Trump just thrived on it, and is up every morning already working at 6 AM.

    The same layman’ s questions, repeated plaintively 80 times, almost verbatim.
    Talk about evidence of cognitive unfitness.


  10. Trump’s postitive health report is a great example of the old adage, “living well is the best revenge”, because it’s driving the raging leftist morons stupid/crazy!

  11. I don’t get what that shareblue site is for–I am not going to read an anti-Trump site, do they not get that? If God forbid he inadvertently does something wrong it will come out, do not need “Share blue”
    I guess they think the right gets their ideas from websites and can’t think for themselves (unlike the lefty sheeple)

  12. As Rush pointed out today, the same people who are so concerned that President Trump is overweight think The Oprah would make an excellent president!

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