White House to distribute 400 million N95 masks starting next week

WaEx: The Biden administration intends to distribute 400 million professional-quality N95 face masks to adults free of charge.

The masks will come out of the Strategic National Stockpile and will be made available to people through local pharmacies and community health centers, an unnamed White House official said. The announcement comes a day after the White House launched its program to provide free COVID-19 tests.

“This is the largest deployment of personal protective equipment in U.S. history,” the official told CNN.

The 400 million N95 masks would come out of the 750 million masks currently stored in the stockpile and would be part of an endeavor by the Biden administration to ensure the public has access to the more-protective masks. The effort is expected to begin in early February, the official said.

The supply will not include child-sized masks, although two people with knowledge of the matter told Politico that the government is working on acquiring them. more here

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  1. What in the hell is the sense in this?!? That’s 1 1/4 masks per person in the country. He might as well send a roll of toilet paper with every mask for all the good this empty effort will accomplish. What a crock of shit!

  2. Still not going to wear it. Might sell them to Karen’s. May burn them in front of the health Dept in protest.

  3. It has been reported The Spanish flu had a lot of illness that was bacterial pneumonia due to mask wearing. Mask up with your FREE Chinese masks! It is all about our health!

  4. They announced this the same day Britain announced they were doing away with Mask Mandates, as Omicron is in a steep decline there. This is probably to distract from the boondoggle roll out of the “free” Covid test kits. Of course they expect it to raise Joe’s poll numbers also.

  5. Strategic National Stockpile of masks. I had no idea. Hope they don’t smell like mothballs and aren’t full of roach eggs, but I’ll never know.

    Stephen Miller called this administration “Biden and his Visiting Angels”. That’s perfect.

  6. So if there are 400 million n95 masks sitting in storage, why was there a shortage early on?
    This is such bulloney.

  7. “It has been reported The Spanish flu had a lot of illness that was bacterial pneumonia due to mask wearing.”

    That report was written by Fauci.

  8. I never said we’d get you some “tests”. I said we’d get you some “masks”. It kinda sounds the same if you’re talking through a mask. Or two. Anyhow, sorry if you misheard me.

  9. “… free of charge …”
    How’s that when we’ve already paid for them?
    Lying fucking cocksuckers! And the stupid sheeple will be standing in lines breathing all over each other to get the “free” shit!

    Fucking pathetic.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. As Borris Johnson eliminated Mask mandated in Britain.

    Ever since he got caught partying during his own mandated lockdown. The FUCKIN JIG is up!

  11. So that’s enough for about 2 per adult. How long is that going to last us? This is as useless as releasing from the strategic petroleum reserve, plus it will be up to the following Republican administration to replenish them.

  12. The national stockpile is renewed on a regular basis, at taxpayers expense of course, when the old stock approaches its expiration date. Medications are cycled back to the pharmaceutical company to either be destroyed, or cycled out to retail pharmacies. Hard and soft goods like PPE are destroyed when the shelf life has expired. Millions of Branch Covidians are about to praise the government for giving them the masks they paid for. They’ll never question this, and they won’t question (or even accept in many cases) that the masks are at the end of, or have past their useful lives.

  13. Manbearpig January 20, 2022 at 5:09 pm

    So that’s enough for about 2 per adult. How long is that going to last us?

    Dunno because I ain’t wearing one. An employee removed theirs to say something to me and his breath smelled horrid! I actually started puking, I almost lost it. If someone followed someone wearing a diaper on their face all day, and after showing the diapered person how often they touched their facemask, they wouldn’t wear one. Furthermore they aren’t even wearing it properly. Everything they touch leaves their germs behind. All gathered in one location, breeding and shedding. I think about those things….

  14. They are all stamped with the 0bama logo and “local pharmacies and community health centers” are going to sell them to illusterous brain dead Biden lovers.

  15. More like N92 the retarded cousin to N95 and offering as much protection as any cloth mask you see being sold at the flea market.

  16. I have around 300 N95’s. I’ve had them since long before this “pandemic”. But I’m not going to waste them on a virus with a 99.7% survival rate. Actually Omicron is higher than that.

  17. Remember that President Trump had to replenish the reserve because obummer let it get depleted during his watch.
    And guess what – slowjoe will deplete it again and not replenish it.

  18. I thought we had a shortage of N95 masks… that only carpenters and tile workers use?

  19. Those N95 masks have been deliberately infested with disease to further kyll off Americans since many have refused the vaxx assault. In the same way fed docs tried to exterminate American native Indians by wrapping indian babies in disease-saturated swaddling blankets. Don’t do it don’t wear it. Safer to make your own by hand. N95 masks are produced by the CCP then distributed with a false “made in the USA” label.

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