White House’s new message on COVID: We need to live with it, because we can’t keep shutting everything down

HermanCain.com: Substantively this is the right message. It’s the only rational thing the country can do at this point.

Conventional wisdom says it will be a very tough sell politically, although I think there’s a way to turn that upside down.

As it stands, the nation has been judging the wisdom of the anti-virus effort by whether cases, hospitalizations and deaths are going up or down. Down, we’re doing it right. Up, we’re doing it wrong. That’s the only measure. What we’re doing to the economy and to every other facet of people’s lives is not a consideration.

And thus far, everyone from the Trump Administration to every governor to corporate America and the media have embraced this standard. It’s given power-mad governors the right to restrict everything from gardening to singing in church. It’s destroyed tens of millions of jobs. It’s decimated sports and leisure activities.

But so far, just about no one who hopes to get votes for anything this year has been willing to say this whole thing has been a mistake. Apparently the Trump Administration, perhaps for want of an alternative, is prepared to be the first: MORE

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19 Comments on White House’s new message on COVID: We need to live with it, because we can’t keep shutting everything down

  1. What? Bureaucrats admit they were WRONG and destroyed people’s lives?

    That violates the #1 rule of politics: “We’re ALWAYS right.”

    Note to statists: you’re ALWAYS wrong.

  2. People need to be free to choose how they live, how they conduct their business and how they protect themselves and their families. Too bad we ever started this shut down BS based on models and ‘experts’ that implemented policies they could only dream of doing in the past. There is no evidence social distancing, masks and even hand washing combat a virus, past studies show none of these things prevents infection. Someone needs to be the adult and point out the obvious, we have to get back to our lives and choose how we deal with it on an individual basis.

  3. this is the way every virus has been dealt with!

    what’s so different w/ this one? …. oh yeah, Trump’s up for re-election …

    the best economy ever (& brought about by Trump) must be shut down, people lose their jobs & deliberately infected by their own state governors who have assumed Nazi-like power over us …. while we cower in fear, wearing our face-diapers & do nothing

  4. If regular Joe’s are the purveyors of “conventional wisdom”
    then tha Whuflu BS is over. It’s almost all the socialists
    playing election year politics who are trying to keep the
    house haunted until next halloween.

  5. FUCK!….now I’m gonna get Polio, mumps, measles. rhumatic fever, scarlet fever, small pox, the sniffles, sneezes and a transmission going out in my truck…..

  6. Everyone with a fucking brain knows it’s a complete bullshit fake plague to fuck the public in the ass. We wear the masks minimally to keep from getting hassled by the Karen-ish cunts we’d rather shoot dead as a favor to both the world and them but don’t because it’s a sin or whatever.

  7. Libtard Governors and Mayors will continue to use the Kung Flu as originally designed by the ChiComs. To destroy our economy. They know if the economy is booming in November, Trumps re election is automatic.

  8. Charlie Daniels (RIP, buddy – 7-06-20) would approve. He lived through these other viruses. So did the rest of us.

    After 5 million years of our immune systems dealing with this shit, and we got these “medical” cocksuckers facing re-election of a president, this is what our reliance on them has produced.

  9. … and don’t forget Rhubella….Aunt Rhubella already lost her syrup bottle gig….she gone…

  10. You mean, treat it like every other flu epidemic in history?

    Now that’s a novel idea.

    Fauci should be hanged.

  11. Shouldn’t have shut the economy the first go around, this was just stupid. 🙄 It’s all about getting Trump.

  12. When the leftist reporter asks “how many deaths is too much for the economy to be working again?” fire back with “I don’t know but its in the hundreds of thousands, for example we live with 10’s of thousands of alcohol related deaths every year. I mean we could drop that to ZERO but as a society we tolerate the deaths that are tied to alcohol. Then there are deaths on the highways- we could drop that rate down to ZERO if we mandate cars and trucks can go faster than 7 miles per hour- but people want to go fast so we tolerate a certain amount of deaths each year- it’s called being a “grown up” and understanding that life contains a particle of risk but as you are a reporter for CNN these “grown up” concepts are too much to grasp as all you care about are what you think are “gotcha” questions.

    Now, open up my favorite Sushi place and do it now. This shut down is starting to really piss me off.

  13. …I work in an essential industry, two of them actually, so other than driving on WAY less crowded roads, saving TONS of money on eating out, and having to wear a slave mask for no good reason at one of them 4 months into the burn, I never really did anything different in the FIRST place…

    …well, other than the Toilet Paper Challenge. Had to cultivate some channels there, but never had to wipe with less than 2 ply even then, so no looking like THIS when the fingers poke through for MY family…


  14. SNS, you owe me some hand sanitizer and some eye bleach!! That .jpg is gross! (Go look at it everyone, and remember. 🙂 )

  15. (How is Herman? He reportedly has COVID.)

    Disagreement with the article. Wearing a mask is detrimental to physical and mental health, especially for the elderly and children. Moreover, it’s an obnoxious political virtue-signaling statement. It’s a “shut-down” of normal human behavior. And it facilitates criminal rioters and looters. I absolutely will not wear a mask.

  16. While we haven’t had one death OF covid in over a week, General Mills is planning on dictating that masks are required outside your home or you get fined.
    She has an online form to tattle on people and businesses not wearing masks or requiring them.
    She has her own little brown shirts visiting restaurants around the state to spy on whether masks are being required and she is blackmailing the businesses with the threat of yanking all liquor, food and business licenses if they don’t comply. Extortion! Illegal!!

    Our stooopid Legislature voted to give her this dictatorial executive power through Jan 2021.
    We are so screwed in Maine.

    Leftists love power more than anything. Especially power to control the serfs.

    If everyone wears masks for the next year no one will develop any immunity.


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