White People Make Too Many Mistakes” – Black Coalition Seeks To Overthrow the Constitution – IOTW Report

White People Make Too Many Mistakes” – Black Coalition Seeks To Overthrow the Constitution

I went back and looked, and sure enough, the constitution says, “We the White People.”

I never noticed that before.

Campus Reform

  • The multi-university Afrikan Black Coalition is calling for black people to engage in revolution and overthrow the Constitution, citing the need to “stop white people” in the “white supremacist world” of America.
  • The Coalition declares, “White people have historically had problems making too many “mistakes.” White people need to be stopped. Period.”

“A Constitution written by only white men will never serve the interests Black [sic] people. The Constitution was written forthe ruling class of white men which constructed whiteness to be more valuable than any other race,” the Coalition argues. “When we discuss institutional racism, it is essential that we realize the Constitution created it.”

A November 9 post from the Coalition called for white people to be stopped at all costs and accuses whites of “stealing from other people,” having trouble “minding their own business,” and “respecting boundaries.” According to the Coalition, the “religious indoctrination” engaged in by whites is an example of white people’s failure to respect boundaries.

The Coalition goes on to declare that “White people have historically had problems making too many “mistakes.” White people need to be stopped. Period.”



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  1. If the minority does away with the current majority, who will pay for their welfare checks, EBT cards, subsidized college admissions, etc? As regards threats of violence, things usually don’t go well when vocal, self-entitled minorities go up against heavily armed majorities. Should be interesting.

  2. Well, yeah – I must agree – I mean look at all of the peaceful African constitutions and Nations of the world.

    Obviously we must have missed something here.

  3. Not shipping these worthless crap back to Africa in 1865 does seem like a significant error on our part.

    Not too late to do it, I suppose. I’m sure they’ll do fine on their own.

  4. You don’t like it here in the white world that white people created, and that your fellow black Africans and muzzies dragged your ancestors into slavery and sold into that same white world? Don’t like it?
    Well, since Libtards seem to like to do things the democratic way, i.e., majority rules at the expense of the rights of the minority, and last I looked, anybody of “color” were still a minority. . . well, let’s just be charitable. I’ll volunteer to chip in and buy you a one-way ticket back to your African homeland — if you even know what and where it is. One TWO minor itty-bitty conditions — you turn in your passport and revoke your US citizenship.
    Otherwise, molan lave.

  5. I’ll wager they want “The Bill of Rights” changed to “The Bill of Entitlements.”

    “Now gimmie whatchu got! I’m entitled, whitey!”

    Pffft. Idiots.

  6. Oh, fuck the lot of them.

    I’m white, and I haven’t made a mistake since I got the answer to the last question on the geometry final wrong in 1973.

  7. On August 6th, 1945 the USA dropped an Atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.
    In 1986, 41 years later, the Motor Trend Import Car Of The Year for the USA was a Mazda RX-7, made in Hiroshima.

    Sounds like the Japanese moved on rapidly.

    So, 150 years after slavery ended you may just want to

  8. IF they have their way we’ll be heading right for a South African Final Solution, and we all know how that went!
    A productive society that went to Hell in a handbasket fueled by hatred of Whitey. They stole, raped, killed, took the farms and drove out the Whites. Now they’re left with a huge unemployment rate, a corrupt government, corrupt police, dead economy and the highest crime rate on Earth and they can’t even feed themselves! It’s an Obamaville/Communist wet-dream!
    Oh yeah baybee, milk that hate you worthless, dumbed-down, dope-smoking, self-absorbed, spoon-fed, celebrity-obsessed, Politically Correct, perpetually offended, binky-sucking, entitlement rich, busted-ass, free-loading, uninformed, short attention span, hate-mongering jackasses!

  9. DNA Test each and every single one of those “Teachers”
    Their DNA will tell which part of Africa their ancestors hail from.
    Then sit each one down and show them the present day country where they would have been born had their ancestors not been sold into slavery.
    Then ask them what would their life would have turned out like, had they been born there.
    In fact, have them write me a fucking essay on what their main occupations would have been in this point in their life in Sierra Leon, Liberia or the Gold Coast. Tell about the fine Hospitals, and traffic lights. Write about how nice the roads are, how nice the accommodations are, how seldom racism rears its ugly head, and what great people their countrymen are.
    Ask them if they would trade their station with one of their countrymen.
    Then conk them all in the eyebrow with a coffee cup.
    I have no more use for them

  10. Like that’s gonna happen.

    We’re already in a race war but the only thing is our side, whites, aren’t playing like we’re under constant assault from millions of niggers that hate our guts and want us dead.

    When reality catches up, it’s going to get real bloody.

    In the meantime, I’ve self segregated, will have nothing to do with any of them and am heavily armed anytime there might be the slightest chance of an encounter with any of them.

    I know how this pisses off Fur who tries to see ideology first and welcomes anyone of a conservative bent but you can reliably count on 90-95% of blacks to be in the camp that would watch you bleed out and not lift a finger.

    Sorry for you conservative blacks but that’s the way it is. Your race are the most racist people I’ve ever met. It’s not enough to live and let live, now it’s an 8-1 violent attack ratio black v white with us outnumbering you over 6-1.

    The worm turns dudes, the worn turns.

  11. Yes, there are fifty-four all black countries to choose from on the dark continent. But for some reason, these black ingrates never seem to make the migration. Maybe they really do love us after all.

  12. I’m finding it difficult to believe it will come to anything like a race war.

    I know that’s what they’re pushing towards whether they admit it out loud or not. How much more obvious do they need to get?

    Yet, as I was out of the house in crippled mode – I had 3 different black guys assist me with genuine joy in their hearts.

    Only one was a neighbor of mine, the others were strangers seeing me struggle and came to help.

    Locally, this insanity isn’t manifest so much, but I do keep my Glock handy for the very small number of peeps who don’t play well with others – regardless of their race.

    The reality is, I can be a good friend or a good enemy. Your choice.

    I’m not going to hate a whole race just because some are mentally disturbed. Just like all women aren’t crazy just because my last GF needed to be put in state custody.

  13. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I rather like living in America. But now, with all this Negro-mania silliness, things are less enjoyable. Perhaps if they don’t like America, they could find another country to destroy….like Africa.

  14. …and every one of those countries is an abject failure! South Africa and Rhodesia were once thriving countries.

  15. Ask yourself this-would this country be better off, the same or worse off if the population was split 50-50 black white?

    Right now whites have a 6-1 population advantage and we’re bearing the brunt of a black crime wave by 8-1 black on white violent crime rate.

    So your answer is….

  16. Get off your ass, pull up your pants, and get a fucking job.

    The Constitution of the United States constrains the Government, you fucking dumbasses! You can do whatever your brains and energy allow you to do.

    Oops! Maybe that’s the problem …

  17. With due respect to blacks, I’ve perceived that while slavery is GONE, , the mentality still lives on.
    That they are (it would seem, in their own minds) by default, incapable of making anything of themselves.
    But, have listened to many male and female black preachers that have their minds and hearts straight.
    I’ll say that the blacks that have absorbed God’s word as it is, are not the same as their peers.
    Without this CRUCIAL element, it’s my belief that they will continue in heavy slavery mindset until they’ve been set free.
    What that looks like: working, being subject, and getting a paycheck rather than a welfare check.

    Question: Can the average black person accept capitalism?

  18. You racist imbeciles wanna see “no respect for boundaries”? Just abolish the constitution, you morons, and you’re gonna see. Your hero, Obama has been disrespecting boundaries for the last 7 years and look how much angrier you’ve become, not to mention stupider and I honestly didn’t think that was possible.

  19. If we had only given them 40 acers and a mule it would have been so much cheaper in the long run. I wish I had picked my own darn cotton…….

  20. Yeah, not only South Africa, look at Rhodesia. Now Zimbabwe. How’s that working for ya? Eliminated Rhodes from everything, and now you have poverty, corruption, massive inflation, squalor. Hmm. Maybe those white guys who know how to do shit aren’t so bad after all. No, that’s just the white patriarchy. Get a clue, liberals.

  21. maybe we should agree with the blacks (a certain sect, anyways) – white people should have never developed and ratified the 13th Amendment because it turned out to be such a big mistake.

    Are those the mistakes they’re referring to?

    Fucking pavement apes are wrecking everything just so they can feel good about “black lives matter bowel movement” or some ridiculous nonsense while decent black folks get run over in the process.

  22. I think the bigger mistake was the 14th A. That should have been passed as a law, with a sunset clause. That way we wouldn’t be having these Illegals’ anchor babies and their raymora families hemorrhaging the US economy with their welfare.
    (sorry for the mixed metaphors)

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