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White Police Chief Loses It and Tells the Blunt TRUTH About Black Crime

Video: Police Chief Edward Flynn discusses a shooting of a black thug by a police officer. During a meeting about the shooting, Mr. Flynn was on his cellphone. This upset the BLM crowd because they thought he wasn’t interested in a black man being killed.

Listen to his calm demeanor until a reporter asks about the phone incident.

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  1. He left out, “and you can shove those microphones up your collective asses”.

  2. Uncommon restraint and honest.
    Sharp Police Chief.

  3. I remember that from last year-in light of the rapid spread of the BLM movement, I wonder if this man still has his job? And if he does, is he as outspoken?

    I sure fucking hope so. On both accounts. Because the key component of the BLM movement(like all REgressive policy debates) is to shout down any reasonable countervailing POV(s).

  4. He left out “And you fuckin cocksuckers are a big part of the problem.”

  5. Spot on and well spoken. Very professional. Appears to be a true public servant. His attempt to point out that activists only know the names of police-shooting victims should be cause for activists to self-reflect; but it won’t work because they are shameless and self-serving.

  6. Cool – Milwaukee County has Sheriff David Clarke and the city of Milwaukee has Police Chief Edward Flynn. Something right is going on in that corner of Wis.

    After the linked video played an interesting video showing a heated exchange about back ground checks between PC Flynn and Lindsey Graham popped up – chase paper criminals or criminals with arms in their possession – anyway, PCEF was rather annoyed with LG’s circus act.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsjdD_WUymQ .

  7. I saw that, too. It was pleasing to see how fed up with little Lindsey Loo he was.

    He just couldn’t understand that the police were too busy chasing real thugs with real guns to bother with paperwork.

  8. Police Chief Flynn is a very honorable man who has every right to be angry, frustrated and pissed off. The communites he serves have no idea how fortunate they are to have this warrior standing in the gap for them. He’s right – blacks are commiting more crimes than other ethnic groups. Facts don’t matter to the BLM, progressives and other assorted Marxist enablers.
    Flynn is a good man pushed to the limits. I pray for his safety and sanity. I hope Police Chief Flynn knows he’s done his best and has saved lives, despite lying leftist opposition.

  9. Man survives grizzly attack and is interviewed by reporter.

    Rep: What did you feel when you saw that grizzly come at you?

    Man: I felt shit running down my leg….. Asshole.

    I’d just to see that on live TV

  10. I thought that was Carmen Miranda on yhe left in that video still. Looks like a bunch of grapes sitting on her head. Sorry. Lol

  11. Miss Lindsay G. has NO concept as to how a police department is run nor does he understand how resources are allocated. What an annoying twit.

  12. Apparently I am not a human…I am not allowed to reply “No.”

    Ed Flynn is a four star asshole. He is a political hack of the first water. Google Ed Flynn Massachusetts.

    POS. He says what he says because it politically expedient.

    Sorry if I offended anyone. Not really.

    Eff him.

  13. Flynn is absolutely opposed to the 2A, and is far more a Social Justice Warrior than a Chief of Police.

    Odin is right: Flynn’s a very good politician–he knows when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. Do what Odin suggests, and do a little Google work.

  14. I simply love that man. That was an awesome bit of video, Claudia.

  15. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away, If he’s not giving out ccw’s like they’re free he’s part of the problem. Nice sound bite but fuck you very much.

  16. Let me look, nope I see nothing or anybody contradicting your No post, if I missed something that was deleted, sorry.
    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” – Ham’s mom Gertie
    Now hush husband.

  17. Apparently I was posting “too fast” as I read through the comments; a box appeared asking if I were a human, with a space to replicate letters/numbers contained in a photograph. The letters/numbers in the photo were illegible; third post not allowed as I was unable to determine what letters/numbers needed to be typed.

  18. So, you interpret an app designed to stop computer generated spam as being “not allowed”, you need some help with that persecution complex, eh?

  19. He’s starting to come around to Clarke’s point of view, but Barrett will get him back on the plantation, or Flynn will have morning coffee’s with the ex CoP from Chitcago.

  20. I like Sheriff David Clarke. He calls out the blm and other blacks for what they really are.

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