white privilege – not so popular anymore

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  1. Because (1) they want to hide their privileged backgrounds because (2) identity politics means that we are supposed to be striving to elevate the unprivileged who overcome so, so very much.

  2. Because the collective does not have individual voices. Each of those people are official spox for the collective; they are like “Julia” or obama’s fictional, composite girlfriend. It’s not about who each individual actually is because there is no “I” in Collective. (If you think there is you’re a White Nationalist scum Nazi!) Ask Rachel Dolezal. She wasn’t crazy white woman, Rachel Dolezal. She represented oppressed black women.

  3. COROLLARY: If America is so evil and awful,
    why is the rest of the world risking their lives to get in?

  4. “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.
    Don’t have one?
    Make one up!
    “White Privilege” is mostly fiction and like any of their projection, it is simply not founded in facts. No Beaver, it’s not 1950 anymore! BTW, we don’t have Nazis and Ku Klux Klansmen running wild in the streets either!
    Whut we do have are:
    Liberals lecturing us on 72 genders,
    Homosexuals lecturing us on morals,
    Transvestites lecturing us on biology,
    Baby Killers lecturing us on Human rights,
    Socialists lecturing us on Economics,
    And of course truly a dysfunctional Left, chock full of Letchers, Pedofiles, Drunks, Druggies, Cheats, and totally hypocritical wealthy Hollywood Assholes, lecturing us, the average, hard-working, over-taxed, bill-paying schlubs, how to live, what to eat, how to raise our kids, what kind of energy we need and who to vote for! To all those who would stir the shitpot, I say “you need to lick the spoon!”

  5. They are in hopes that someone, anyone might care just what and who they are at this point in their brief time here, thinking it matters in the over all scheme of being on a high-speed, spinning rock with no known destination. Get or find a actual life, while you still have time.

  6. @The Good General Svejk:

    They are coming here to make America a shithole country just like the rest of the world is and where they will then be able to find comfort in being miserable and filthy and stupid! Remember, to the dirtbag invaders there is no place like home so they will strive to make this just like home!

  7. Hey TRF,
    You were doing fine until your dopey non sequitur zinger… “Nazis and Ku Klux Klansmen running wild in the streets”…

    Btw, Zinger. Nazis and KKK never ran ‘wild in the streets’ at any time, let alone the 50s. Now don’t get cute with me, old boy, I was there.

  8. American Vigilante – Of course they weren’t. That’s why I classified it as fiction. The point is the Mainstream Media would have us think otherwise, just like they would have you believe that your next door neighbor is a Transexual and most people attend Pride parades! We are begin bombarded with this propaganda hourly. That’s the point, not that they actually were!
    BTW – I lived in the 50s too.

  9. All I see is non-white privilege. They can steal, riot, block highways, call everyone racist, and nobody gets up in arms. But, if a white person so much as farts in church, it’s a major event that needs to be condemned.


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