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‘White privilege’ training contracts unreadable after MN school district shreds them


WAYZATA, Minn. – Pacific Educational Group (PEG) has been a focus of education related news in recent weeks.

white privilege
The consulting firm, which performs racial equity training for school districts across the country, has met criticism after it was found to have made millions of dollars on the public dime in exchange for offering controversial techniques to address the supposed “racial bias” of educators.

PEG had been proudly presenting a list of all its client districts on its website, perhaps to demonstrate how vast its national influence had become, but took the list down after the scandal went public. (Luckily the list was copied beforehand and can be found here.)

Among the nearly two hundred districts PEG has consulted for around the country, about two dozen are in Minnesota. The Minnesota list includes city districts such as Minneapolis and St. Paul, in addition to wealthy suburban districts such as Edina, Eden Prairie, and Wayzata.

We asked several of the Minnesota school districts for copies of their contracts with PEG. From the responses, we found that Osseo Public Schools has paid the group over $500,000 in the past three years. A separate contract with Rochester Public Schools showed that PEG President Glenn Singleton demanded $5,000 per day, as well as reimbursements for meals, flights, hotels, and costs associated with the production of meeting materials.


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  1. What we got here is your garden-variety educationist bureaucrat guilty conscience mashed up with unintended consequences of an aggressive over-regulating govt.

    Organization execs all over the place have watched trembling in their loafers as others are whacked by govt agencies for either (a) destroying documents that might have been evidence in a violation or criminal investigation, or (b) some old document turning up proving ancient wrong-doing. So, the exec/mgt world has come up with Document Retention Policies to try to cover their asses in either case. Six years is about average for contract paperwork to be kept, and at that time it isn’t just tossed in the dumpster. Forms are filled out about what is being destroyed, and then the stuff goes to a bonded document destruction company with yet more paperwork certifying that those doc are no more. Six years later, the doc destruction paperwork itself goes through the same process. It is a self-feeding and immortal infinite beast.

    All this costs a fair amount of money, but less than fines and penalties, and significantly lowers the risk of hard time in some feddle slammer.

  2. Corporate diversity trainings got shit-canned back in the ’90s for the same reasons. It’s just a bunch of white-hating assholes badgering white males and trying to get them fucked out of any means of earning a living.

    Fuck you progs. Fuck you and rot in your own cancer you pricks.

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