White South African Doctors Need Not Apply


South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal health department expanded its registrar program in 2019 from 314 to 414, but, according to a leaked memo, it aimed to fill the 100 new posts with only black candidates.

A spokesperson for Democratic Alliance – the leading opposition party to the ruling African National Congress – argued that any policy was “an aberration of our constitutional values and is racist.”

“Any form or attempt to redress the injustices of the past must ensure that we remain committed to what our constitution says… There must be no exclusion, especially based on the color of our skin.

South Africa had a difficult time filling the positions with only black people-

However, the quota was not met and Mafunda was forced to admit – shock, horror – non-Black African doctors…

“After difficulties were experienced in recruiting black African candidates for these posts, a deviation was sought from the accounting officer and, out of a total of 77 registrar posts, 21 posts will be offered to non-Black Africans.”



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  1. Under the white minority government, South Africa’s blacks had the best health care in all of Africa. Lowest infant death rate. Cheapest quality health care in all the world. It has only taken a few decades for the majority to prove what the minority always knew about the natives ability to run this country into the toilet bowl. Welcome to South Shithole!

  2. I’m a white doctor. I can do “white” western (aka real medicine), or I could do that voodoo that you do……
    good luck with your next ebola outbreak you humanoids.


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