Whittle & Company Chimes In on Obamacare Lite

Anyone else looking forward to two more phases of health care reform after this tepid piece of nothing rolled out by Republicans in the House this week?  Bill Whittle’s Right Angle isn’t very enthused about the making of sausage by our government either.


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  1. We are not looking for the fastest replacement to Obamacare, we are looking for the best (given the dynamics) replacement in a reasonable amount of time.

    The way I understand the process, the Republicans need 60 votes to get the new plan on table. Then they can add and modify the new plan with only a majority vote thereafter. I don’t trust them either, but I have confidence that Trump will hold them accountable.

  2. When paul ryan first came on the scene he seemed like what we were waiting for. Turns out we are still waiting for what we thought he was. He is definately part of the problem.

  3. Trump has got tax cuts and a SCOTUS pick coming up. The House and Senate leadership (which include Ryan, McConnell, et al) can create real headaches for the Exec. If we can even come close, given our current congressional leadership, that’s better than zero. It’s called negotiating. Like Gunny said, above, I trust Trump on this. He knows what we want and he’ll know how to best get there. I love the Freedom Caucus guys, but I’d rather see them work with what we’ve got in the congress than showboat for the cameras.

  4. I always thought Medicaid was medical for the poorer. So why not put that ‘tax credit’ to state Medicaid, and insure the poor through it? Then stop thinking ‘replacement’ by BIG BROTHER’. Socialized medicine DOES NOT WORK! Check out England and Canada etc
    Wait times are horrendous.

  5. For now it is the new RINO, Repeal In Name Only.
    Or maybe it is more accurately RRINO – Ryan’s Repeal In Name Only. R^2INO.
    A bit to much – lets’ pass it, so we can see what’s in it that falls short, then fix it.

    Their unwillingness to resubmit the same repeal bill that was sent to Obama, when they knew it would be vetoed, shouts to me they didn’t want what was in it to actually become law. They weren’t serious about taking power out of their own hands.

    I trust politicians as much a I trust a rattle snake I just cornered and poked with a stick several times. Maybe it will transform into something better later. I won’t hold my breath. For now it is the Obamacare-R^2INO bill. Same pig, that’s lost a little weight, been put in a new suit, with a new name tag.

  6. Look at the congressional lack of leadership for Repubs. Older than Moses, moves like Molasses in the Senate. “Rattlesnake Ryan” who is not a passenger on the Trump Train.
    He is somewhere in outer space.

  7. I’ve read and listened to Republicans say replacing Obamacare is impossible. I’ve read and listened to Republicans and conservatives say that it will take at least a year to unwind Obamacare do to the majority of policies have been prepaid for 9 months and repeal and replace will need to be done in phases. Then I read and listen to people say screw it, repeal and replace now, in one shot. Some place in the middle is the truth. I do believe Obamacare was so poorly written and implemented that it’s going to require a lot of effort getting it done.
    I’m no Ryan fan, but it is possible he knows more about this then say Rand Paul or Tom Cotton. Attached is a video of him explaining why they re doing what they are doing. Worth a watch.


  8. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that “phasing” is an act of cowardice in itself. It wasn’t phased in and it doesn’t need to be phased out. Phasing just let’s these yokels wade in slowly with the hope that the tide will go out before their shorts get wet. A change of charge in house or senate will see the last of any subsequent phasing. “Mmmm, lookie, my shorts are still dry. Oh well, we tried.” Time to roll out some more credible primary challengers. “If you won’t do it, this guy will, capiche?”

  9. “Let’s not lose sight of the fact that “phasing” is an act of cowardice in itself.”

    Not if you have the Bends.

  10. GREAT VIDEO: Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is EXACTLY what folks like SunDunce over at Conservative BanHouse MUST address, if they’re EVER going to persuade folks.

    Being from D.C., and being raised and bred in the cynicism and bureaucracy of the Federal Government, I’M TORN.

    SunDunce’s argument is (PARAPHRASING): “We must accept and approve Ryan’s approach because the Republicans don’t have the 60 votes to approve the Sentate hurdle”.

    While this DOES persuade my bureaucratic side, my intuitive side says , “THIS IS BULLSH!T!”.

    Considering all things, I like the following approach (SUMMARY: “It’s gotta get worse before it gets better.”):
    VETO THIS BILL. Let ObamaCare go bankrupt, fall and die on its own weight. THEN and ONLY then will Republicans have the moral and political mandate/leverage to KILL OFF THE ENTIRE F*CK3R as it properly should be dealth with.

    It ain’t pretty. BUT:
    given the legal binds which the Dems put us all in with the Original ObamaCare Law, it seems the Republicans MUST end the “phased” approach and GO FULL JUGULAR no matter what the “collateral damage” since, doing the “phased” approach gives the leverage to the Dems (p!ssing off the Right for not getting rid of it and p!ssing off the Left by doing ANYTHING to it).

    AN ESSENTIAL READ!: I hope Trump’s meeting with the right folks
    set him in the right direction.


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