Who are These Particular “Believers” Voting For?

I appreciate that Watters tried to fair and balanced when he injected his Sanders joke, but only after putting a dig in on Trump.

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  1. The movie clip inserts make it hilarious. I thought these have to be Bernie voters. Kind of surprised. It does seem like a set up. And I still hate O’reiley. However you spell that, spellchecker wants me to call him O’Neill.

  2. Stands to reason they would be Trump voters. Believing in make believe.
    Like Trump’s “wall”.
    Here is his new “negotiated” position on the “wall”. Now he is only building 1/2 of the “wall”. The “wall” is not real, is 1/2 a “wall” real?
    No one knows, not even Trump, as negotiations are still ongoing.
    Never fear, however, Trump supporters will chime in claiming that he never claimed to build a wall across the entire border, just the areas where it is easy to get TV cameras to.

  3. Charlie; This was as I predicted.
    Tell me you don’t really believe there are 1000 miles of impassable canyons and cliffs on the southern border.
    He is talking about the river.
    I guess if Trump tells you the river is a barrier, you are going to believe him.
    All those rumors of “wetbacks” notwithstanding.
    What will you say when it is 1/4 instead of 1/2? I use 1/4 because that much is pretty well in place already.

  4. Charlie; Have you always known that Trump was only going to build a wall across half the border?
    Did you already know that half of the wall Trump is NOW proposing has already been built, and that the rest is under construction? (I will admit that construction has been proceeding at a typical government project pace.
    Are you aware of the fact that excluding border crossings, the majority of illegal aliens and drugs currently cross the river?
    By the way, the shift to the river has been caused by the building of the fence and vehicle barriers.
    Trump is, literally by his statements in the video I provided proposing to merely finish the project that has already been started and half completed, and no more.
    Is that what you envisioned when he said a wall across the border?

  5. I listened to that twice (i’m not one of trumps lofos) and didnt hear what you heard. I did hear “natural barriers” and no one that has lived in ARizona as i have believes you when you claim most cross a river. The only river barrier i know of is the rio grande. I would assume that the BP can cover any area that the wall doesnt. Bush promised and didnt deliver. The wall is Trump signature campaign promise, and i believe he will deliver.

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