‘Who Are They Going to Believe?’ – UK Cop Threatens to ‘Make Something Up’ to Arrest Man

Breitbart: A police officer in Lancashire, England was recorded threatening a British citizen with arrest on made-up charges during a coronavirus confrontation that has gone viral on social media.

Lancashire Police said that they are investigating an incident in which an officer told a member of the public that he would “make something up” in order to arrest the man. It is unclear what the reason was for the altercation, in which the member of the public accuses the officer of “harassing” him.


“If you want to fucking step to me and push your chest out and something like that then fine, I’ll lock you up. We’ll do that shall we?,” the officer told the man, Lancashire Live reports.

The unnamed man protested his innocence, claiming that he had done “nothing wrong” — to which the officer replied: “I’ll make something up. Public order. Squaring up to a police officer. Shall I do that?”

“Who are they going to believe me or you? Who are they going to believe me or you?” the officer warned.

In a statement released on social media, the police force said that it is clear from the video that the man “deserves an apology”. Watch

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  1. My, my, my, a low level government employee given a level of authority above his pay grade. What could possibly go wrong there?

  2. Here’s my opinion of the police in one photo: https://postimg.cc/0zbvBhfs

    We have the 2nd Amendment and the right to defend ourselves (or we did at one time) I don’t really see the need to outsource a percentage of our safety to organized law enforcement. They can track down crimes and solve them, but my immediate safety is my responsibility, not theirs.

  3. This is all too typical among LEOs. It’s a danger that comes with the territory. You’re going to have these. Don’t get me wrong, they should be punished, but this is something that must be mitigated.

  4. A bunch of Cops in Calgary gave a fine to a man who has been feeding the homeless in the same place for 20 years a few days ago.
    The coppers were under orders no doubt but…

    The man is very christian in his views and the Homosexual Mayor of Calgary does not agree with him preaching, etc.
    Aprox 12 coppers gave him a large fine for feeding people on the street.
    His response was, “where is mayor Nenshee to help these people?”

    What they could have done:
    Spaced people out.
    Helped maintain a line.
    Helped with cleaning/disinfecting. etc

    It really looked bad the way it was handled.

  5. Cops killed Eric Garner in NYC cuz Andy Cuomo demanded the taxes on “onesies” (single cigarettes).

    More often than not cops are gonna do what cops do – the public be damned.

    But a fairly discretionary cop knows enough NOT to say out-loud what he’s thinking.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Don’t every talk to cops, they’re trouble. I got one living next door to me and this one is dangerous. I’ve known quite a few that were great, but this one has issues. I had to install security cameras to protect my azz. Can’t believe what it would be to be stopped by him. NYS State Police, rambo. I have a complaint form on the table behind me right now. Never let fear stand in your way.


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