Who are they kidding? This is what they want adults driving.

23 Comments on Who are they kidding? This is what they want adults driving.

  1. Not sure who to pull for?
    Two very feminine avatars.
    I think Ann agrees with Loco more…

    BTW Brad, if you need an avatar I have some stock pictures of dumbbells.
    Would you like a 12 or a 15 pounder?

  2. Wow Loco. Was that really called for? I’ve been being nice and shit and there you go. I’ll take the 15. Thanks. (The Womenz are scaring me a little tonight)

  3. Agreed Brad, you have been abnormally nice lately.
    Amazing how getting laid can change a man’s perspective.

    OK, I instigated a fight to show my manhood since the ladies were sparring.
    My apologies.
    BTW, I assume you would want some 110 pounders…
    The Mentzer bros would approve.

  4. Like the black midget in ‘Bad Santa’ said, “that’s what your wife told me…
    why don’t you dust that thing off once in awhile”…

    If you haven’t watched that movie it is gut-busting funny!

  5. Well the wife and I watched that movie in the theaters, and we were the only ones laughing hysterically. We walked out thinking there was something wrong with us. SHUT UP. Ever watch Walk Hard?

  6. Geesh, I guess I’m late to the party.
    Brad and Loco and the two wenches.
    I’d have been a fifth wheel anyway.

    Speaking of movies, “The Way We Were” just ended on TCM.
    I’m too sad to write intelligently.

  7. Dude, “The Way We Were”? Really? We’re pulling your man card. Unless your a GURL. If that’s the case please send necked photos

  8. Of course it is a little girl driving at a measly 3 mph as a boy goes whizzing past her at double the speed. This just further perpetuates the sexist meme that women can’t drive. I’ll never buy anything from Tesla, those sexist bastards. Now I need to go to my safe place to decompress.

  9. for the first (and last) time in my life I just got back from visiting the Left Coast – Sacramento Calif. During my brief time in Longhaired Filthy Hippy Land I saw no less than three black Tesla cars, the sports coupe. All had different plates. One was at Half Moon Bay on Friday at Seafood Sam’s(?) during Mavericks, another was on Friday evening whilst driving back (different plates – these read “AC POWR” and the smug self-righteous sonofabitch drove like an asshole – no surprise there) and the turd…er, third…was on Sunday in Shenandoah Valley wine country

    All of these electric and hybrid shitboxes are nothing more than SmugMobiles that actually harm the environment. But then again, clinically insane dumbass Leftists NEVER foresee the consequences of their actions. Goddam fuckwits.


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