Who Could See This Coming?

Chumlee, the dim-witted comic foil on Pawn Stars, was arrested on gun and drug charges.0309-chumlee-mug-wm-6

TMZ… police raided his home while investigating an alleged sexual assault … TMZ has learned.

Las Vegas Metro PD says officers showed up at his home Wednesday afternoon with a search warrant in connection with a sexual assault case. We’re told Chumlee is the suspect in that case.

Our law enforcement sources tell us cops found marijuana, meth and at least one weapon during the search.
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  1. LMFAO. The cops went there on a sex related warrant, they found drugs and a weapon. This could very well be tossed out of court. The drugs were completely unrelated to the scope of the original search. As soon as they found something, the cops should of secured the scene and got another warrant. Just wait and see how this all plays out.

  2. No it’s much worse than that. As a licensed fire arms manufacturer, assholes like this make it much harder on the rest of us. We all obey the laws with the exception of people like this. Trash like this do what ever and the rest of us pay.

  3. Absolutely Bradley! (My first crush named Brad taught me the mysteries of the male anatony to whom I am eternally thankful). These morons make it harder on lawful citizens!

  4. Search warrant for a sexual assault??? Seems to be some info missing from the TMZ story.

    Chum is a total F-up. Yeah, he plays a part but I cannot stand him most of the time and can’t count how many times I’ve screamed at Rick/Old Man to can his fat, lazy ass. Keeping him around for “comic relief” must sell a lot of blood pressure meds.

  5. Odd. Not the face of a habitual meth user. Too healthy and plump.

    This photo is from this arrest or is it an old one? Did he just get started on meth?

  6. That show, like most other “reality” shows is almost as scripted as a Hollywood tv series. Chumlee’s character is just that, a character invented by the creators/writers. Before this show became a show I don’t think Rick and his old man would have kept Chumlee around if he was as much of a cockup as he seems on tv. Anyway, too bad about what is happening. Anyway as a previous commentator said the weed I can see, the gun I can see (being as he is an employee of a pawn shop) but the crystal seems much as well as a suspect in a sex assault case.

  7. Wasn’t Chumlee the dimwitted walrus side kick of Tennessee Tuxedo the penguin (voiced by the great Don Adams) in cartoons back in the 60’s? And who the hell names a kid Chumlee in the first place? He must be the one in his family that’s not named Daryl, Larry, Jim Bob, Billy Bob, (Jim Tom from the Moonshiners program on the Discovery channel) etc.

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