Who do you side with?


One woman’s video of the airline passenger behind her punching the back of her reclined seat went viral last week.

Now she is reportedly looking to sue American Airlines.

The controversy began when Wendi Williams posted a video on Twitter of the passenger behind her shaking her headrest with repeated punches on her Jan. 31 American Eagle flight from New Orleans to Charlotte, North Carolina.

The man behind her was in the last row and reportedly asked the woman to sit upright so he could eat.

She did, but then later reclined again, and the situation escalated as was shown in the video that was recorded, according to Fox Business.

According to TMZ, an airline representative said the incident started after the woman knocked over the other passenger’s drink when she reclined her seat.

The representative also said the situation would not have escalated in the way that it had if both passengers were respectful of each other.


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  1. “The representative also said the situation would not have escalated in the way that it had if both passengers were respectful of each other.”

    The End…..

  2. They should give that last row seat away. I got stuck in one once. Never again.

    But if they do give it away freeloads are the absolute worst when it comes to gratitude. Their complaining would make it miserable for the airlines to give it away

  3. I suspect that there was more coming from the woman’s actions that led up to the seat punching video. And this little tidbit from the article: “…Williams also wants the airline to pay for her medical bills because the repeated whiplash may have caused damage due to her medical history…” tells me what I need to know about her. That seat wasn’t rocking back and forth that hard so as to cause any injury.

    I side with the man and the airlines.

  4. Remove both to the nearest wall for summary…

    Failure to “grow-up;” an impediment to civil society…remove them.

  5. Obviously some passengers need “time out” cages like the Con-Air plane had. If the guy was in the last seat he was already jammed up. Been there done that on a business trip to Vegas once. It sucked, the’s zero room in front and the sh*t-house is right behind you.

  6. I blame the airline. This is the result of cramming too many passengers into too small of a cabin. Air travel sucks.

  7. She’s a jerk but she paid for a seat that reclines. He didn’t and is a much bigger, infantile jerk.

    Biggest jerk of all is the stewardess, IF she said to delete the video.

  8. The airline is at fault: a seat that reclines is meant to be used.

    The guy is a bigger jerk. The woman can actually sue the guy for battery.

  9. The airline would get more passengers if they removed the seats and require all passengers to stand during the entire flight. Passenger airplanes should not be sardine cans with wings.

  10. One assumes they are paying for a given space on an airline. The woman encroached upon the man’s space. Of course he handled it like the jerk-off he is because he, like most of society today, lacks any people skills because of stupid “smart” phones. The airlines should explain seat etiquette to their customers so as to avoid problems like this.

  11. Punching? I saw a weak wristed cry baby entitled millenial pushing on a reclined seat.

    Why does bullshit like this become news?

  12. Remember Archie Bunker’s solution to stopping airline hijacking? Give every adult a gun at boarding. Problem solved. Maybe a stun gun is a better choice nowadays.

  13. I actually prefer the back row.
    Back row, portside window seat.
    My dad was a FAA bigwig and he said that for some reason, statistically that seat has more survivors in aircrashes.

    Plus I can read my book in peace while everyone else is pushing and shoving to GTFO

  14. Why are we worried about reclining seats?

    How about the assholes that take all of the overhead storage, not even close to their seats, and the fucking attendants that allow them to bring it on the plane?

    Those people should be kicked off the plane, and the employees that allow it should be fired.

    I pay for my ticket too.

  15. If this were submitted to reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/, the consensus would be ESH–Everyone Sucks Here. Her for being an inconsiderate bitch and him for being a seat punching lunatic. Although, I think to describe him as punching the seat is a bit hyperbolic. He was more pushing it than punching it.

  16. I don’t fly anymore. In fact I couldn’t if I wanted to. Turns out the California State Issued drivers license I carry is mot a legitimate form of I.D. LOL.

  17. Everyone should be allowed to recline their seats – If being respectful is a requirement, then take away the ability completely.

    I caught a red eye this Christmas on United and was exhausted, hoping to sleep on the plane. The seat reclined all of a half inch. I needed the seat to recline further because at 6’2″ no matter how I positioned myself it was impossible to have my head upright, it was flopping down making it impossible to get any rest. With my knees pinned to the seat in front. I was a cantankerous son of a bitch after 4 hours of that nonsense, respecting others was the last thing on my mind. I would have punched a kid in the face if it got me another inch of recline. Economy seats on United are made for 5’8″ or less, any more and you’re screwed. If the seat reclined 1-1/2″ instead of the worthless 1/2″ it would have been much nicer since the headrest pitched forward – Horrible design. First time on United since they screwed me getting to Hawaii for my wedding right before 9/11. That’s the last time for the second time for United.

  18. The seat is built to recline. That is all there is to it. Fucktard should have been told to never come back, or a foot to the face would have been Okay as well.

  19. Her claiming whiplash is bullshit and tells quite a bit about her. Him behaving like a toddler tells a lot about him. The flight attendant should have diffused the situation and completely failed such that no one was satisfied.

  20. She was inconsiderate. He was a jerk. The flight attendant needs to be put on administrative leave and required to take more training. The biggest, most inconsiderate jerks are the airlines that pack us like sardines, bend our heads forward and curve our spine for hours, treat us like cattle, throw a cookie or bag of peanuts at us with a thimble of liquid to wash it down. I hate flying anymore and am relieved to get off the plane, even when I fly first class. Don’t get me started on the TSA!

  21. The seat back in front of the extremely limited Space of the last row, should have limited reclining ability.

    It is almost impossible to use the tray in the last seat, when the seat back in front is reclined. Hold onto your drink! The back seat can’t even recline to get away from the reclined seat in front.

    I sat back there once and felt like I could perform a dental exam on the person in front, when she reclined.

  22. I am sure she selectively picked what part of the video she showed but the part I did see makes me want to jam that phone in his mouth sideways and choke him a bit with the ear buds.

    he looks like his name would be Gordon and he grows heirloom vegetables for his salad tossing. That’s salad tossing not tossed salads.

  23. Can’t book my flight fast enough because I like getting fisted from behind. Just ask Petey B!

  24. She only started demanding his arrest as well as talking about suing the airline when she saw how viral the video and figured it was a legal lottery win. The guy was acting like a two year old and the attendant ought to have warned him that further disruption would result with the cops meeting him at the gate when they landed. Everyone made bad decisions on this flight.

    Seeing how much uproar this caused the airlines ought to consider just removing the seats and creating extra hanger space. One of the problems with air travel is that customers are always demanding low airfares and free everything else. Look at the balance sheets for most of the carriers and you’ll find the profit they turn (when they turn one) isn’t anything to cheer about.

  25. I’m sure all the “witnesses” are being Honest™ and Forthright™.

    And then — she dropped her seat into his lap; he asked her to straighten it up; she did… so she could drop it in his lap… again. And you’re asking me “Who’s the bigger crybully?”. Really? You’re asking that?

  26. Tony R DAMMIT! You beat me to it verbatim even! The greed of the airlines has created this shit, that’s why I DON’T FLY! If I can’t get there by driving, screw it I Ain’t Goin!

  27. I side with the woman. Passengers in front of me recline their seats lots of times. It’s not a big deal. Nothing to get angry about. The airlines make it available. The guy is a jerk.


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