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Who Doesn’t Like Chicken and Waffles and Watermelon?

I find it strange that black people can “take the power” out of the word “n****r” by repeating it at every turn, but can’t seem to muster up taking the power out of food that everyone enjoys.

How is it insulting to say “you eat chicken and watermelon!!!!”

The response should be, “ya, don’t you?”

I couldn’t imagine an Italian guy being insulted by being called a lasagna eater.

“Look at that guy! That pizza eating son of a bitch.”

“Ummm, I like pizza. We all like pizza. What are you saying?”

NY school apologizes after kicking off Black History Month with fried chicken, watermelon.


A New York middle school and its food vendor are apologizing for serving chicken and watermelon for lunch on the first day of Black History Month, an error the vendor called “unintentionally” insensitive.

Students at Nyack Middle School in Rockland County, just outside New York City, were served chicken and waffles with watermelon, foods stereotypically associated with Black people, after Aramark, the school’s food vendor, changed the menu items without telling the school, according to school administrators.

“The offering of chicken & waffles as an entree with watermelon as a dessert on the first day of Black History Month was inexcusably insensitive and reflected a lack of understanding of our district’s vision to address racial bias,” the school said in a letter to parents, according to local news affiliate WABC.

The meal was originally supposed to be Philly cheesesteak, broccoli and fresh fruit, according to administrators and a menu on the school’s website. Aramark apologized for the decision in a statement, saying it was an unintentional oversight.


“Philly” cheesesteak???????

Just what are they implying???

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  1. I wanted to try chicken & waffles, so we went to a soul food restaurant with a reputation for good chicken & waffles. Except their waffle maker was down so it was a no go. A week or so later, we were at a restaurant that served American food and reeked of white privilege – they had chicken and waffles on the menu.

    Turns out, I like chicken and waffles as much as I thought I would.

  2. The main problem is that the race purveyors are allowed to play a game where they not only make the rules but change the rules on the fly and nobody else can play.

    Taken to its logical (farcical) conclusion, black people culturally appropriate whenever they wear anything, eat anything, or utilize anything that was not native or created in Africa. So, no Air Jordans, no cars, no cellphones, no internet, no basketballs, no pizza or pasta, no electricity or flushable toilets, no speaking English, nothing that was created, innovated or manufactured in any region of the globe other than Africa can be fairly used by black people if we are to follow their own rules.

    And white libs enable them every step of the way.

  3. I had a boss who fancied himself for his accomplishments in life. One day a big black guy – i swear he was 7 feet tall and weighed 400#, walked into our office. I swear the first words out of the bosses mouth was,” Hi, did you play college basketball?” I had no where to hide. The black guy sheepishly grinned. When the black guy left, I asked the boss why he didn’t ask the guy if he liked fried chicken and watermelon while he was at it. That episode got mileage.

  4. Whats insensitive to me is that they aren’t serving yummy chicken, waffles, and watermelon all year long!
    Who doesn’t like chicken?
    Who doesn’t like waffles?
    Who doesn’t like watermelon?

    Next Race Hoax please…

  5. Serve it anywhere else as “soul food” (add some greens and mac and cheese) and there would be no complaining at all.

    I love soul food, so you would never hear any complaining from me.

  6. At the last company I worked for they had a catered lunch to celebrate black history month (or maybe it was Juneteenth). One of the menu items was fried chicken. And the caterers appeared to be a black-owned business. And most of the employees at my location were not black. And this was in Texas. And no one appeared to have any issues with the menu.

  7. I smell a rat. I did a news search for Nyack and found several links to this story. A couple of them reported a similar 2018 incident involving Aramark and New York University. Think Jussie, Nascar noose, black students painting KKK graffiti on their own dorm room doors. I wonder if SEIU is in Aramark. If you can’t find enough racism to support the narrative, make some.

  8. Hard to believe but we used to go down to the south side of Chicago(mid 70s) and get ribs. I don’t know what they did but hands down, those ribs were the best ones I’ve ever had.

    And I lived in Texas for 5 years where there’s a smoker on every other corner.

  9. MMinWA – In my early 20’s there was this tiny soul food joint that was a little out of the way, but damn their food was so good. Many times I would be the only white person in there ordering take out…usually got double takes and then a smile from the older folks…they knew the food was good. Best ribs and smothered pork chops with rice I ever had.

  10. “You chicken and biscuit eatin muthufukuh!”
    (from a Spike Lee movie)

    Never could figure out the insult – I like chicken and biscuits.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Aramark again? Those children must be spoiled. A few years ago their cafeteria workers decided to strike over their shabby treatment at the UN headquarters in NYC. The UN “diplomats” decided that a riot was in order and helped themselves to plenty of Free Food and everything else that wasn’t nailed down – cutlery , tablecloths , etc. Às if they couldn’t find anywhere else to eat .

  12. One other about this nonsense. Not that long ago there was another controversy re Fried chicken and watermelon. Seems that the NBC commissary featured the same dishes for black history month. One of Jimmy Fallon’s musicians tweeted about how “insulting” that was. That was so “offensive” that Scarborough & Brzezinski were squirming over their “reporting” the “incident” & the Black woman whose idea it was to serve fried chicken and watermelon had to apologize for the “offense” .
    Seriously, who Wouldn’t appreciate a reminder of sweet Summertime in the dead of Winter?

  13. Huron
    FEBRUARY 7, 2023 AT 10:33 AM
    “I eat poutine…”

    …I like poutine, and I get it from a one-horse hamburger dive in Ludlow, KY, USA.


    It’s not just for Canucks any more.

  14. Doc
    FEBRUARY 7, 2023 AT 8:48 PM
    “POUTINE? Down here in the Southwest we call it CHILI CHEESE FRIES!”

    …if it ain’t in gravy, it ain’t Poutine.

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