Who doesn’t love a good Hillary joke?

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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice that the Clinton Foundation could develop programs to rehabilitate CONVICTED FELONS?

    Such as a “Felons to Felons” program?

  2. Trump can secure 2020 for all Republicans by getting a special prosecutor to look into her situation, like he said during the debates in 2016, and it’s 2019 now.

  3. @Mithrandir: You gotta remember this – Trump’s an Elite, too, just like the Clintons. In the political world of America today, Elites don’t prosecute Elites. Not unless they’re absolutely forced to.

  4. Vietvet — Do you really think of Trump as a political elite? Right now he’s got Graham posing a resolution to install a special counsel to go after the DoJ/FBI’s failure to prosecute Clinton’s email and the DNC’s (on behalf of Clinton) partnering with the DoJ/FBI in spying on the Trump campaign with the goal of scuttling him and cheating conservatives out of a fair election.

    As far as timing goes, I can’t think of when Trump would have had a good shot, up to this point, to bring in a special prosecutor. Number 1: His priorities of economic recovery (trade agreements, tax cuts, dereg, etc.) were too important to the country to risk getting bogged down in Clinton stuff right out of the chute. Number 2: His mis-appointment of Jeff Sessions would have guaranteed failure, and Number 3: How could we have expected an honest prosecution of Clinton if the same people who exonerated her were still in a position to do more of the same?

    So far Trump’s timing has been impeccable or nearly so.

  5. My best friend is retired law enforcement. Last week I told him that all law enforcement should either condemn Hillary publicly or they are no better than she is. He agreed.

  6. Mrs. Clinton IS a joke.

    Except to those 90 (or so) persons murdered at her command.
    They didn’t die laughing.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. @AbigailAdams (at 7:29 am): No, Trump’s more of a social Elite, although I think he’s starting to learn politics. However, there are social as well as political consequences for messing with powerful people, so they tend to leave each other alone. That doesn’t mean that he won’t eventually make a move on Clinton, but he had better have all his ducks in a row and be prepared for all the fallout when he does it. Kinda like arranging a hit on a Mafia boss.

  8. @AbigailAdams, proposing a resolution on the Senate floor and having anything substantial actually done, about 12 dominoes has to fall for that to happen. Similiar resolutions have been put forth in the House for the last 2 years, crickets, and obstruction by both the DOJ and the FBI, and that’s with our guys running the place.

    Even if Barr does the honorable thing and appoints a Special Prosecutor or 2, both to look into Hillary’s email criminality and the FBI abuse, this kind of stuff moves at a glacial pace and would not be finished by the 2020 election.

    Of course all this could have been avoided by Trump if he declassified the all FBI documents into both Clinton and FISA abuse like what many including me have been screaming for the last 16 months.

    Nothing will happen to Hillary, period, there is no appetite for it. All those weasels at the FBI were either fired or resigned. But laws were broken and abuses did occur, they need to see the light of day.

  9. @Mithrandir March 15, 2019 at 5:21 am

    > Trump can secure 2020 for all Republicans by getting a special prosecutor to look into her situation, like he said during the debates in 2016

    Dagnabbit! Now YOU made Crown Princess Ivanka cry!


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