Who exactly is the Authoritarian?

Patriot Retort: Today while having my morning coffee, I stumbled across an article at Breitbart about an interview Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave to a NY radio station on Friday.



Apparently, in explaining why during the SOTU she looked like a sullen teenager whose dad wouldn’t let her borrow the car, Ocasio-Cortez lashed out at President Trump calling him an authoritarian.

And, by golly!  She’s not going to applaud that icky authoritarian who has lowered unemployment for women and minorities!

After all, “they are closing in on people’s rights!” The little teenager whined.  The Trump administration is “targeting people of color.”

Yes, apparently targeting people of color with jobs and a better standard of living.

What a monster!!


3 Comments on Who exactly is the Authoritarian?

  1. Did the interviewer challenge this dimwit at all?
    I am not a so-called journalist, but I really feel I could do a better job than 99%+ of the paid professional journOlists in the industry.
    They are all complete hack moronic shills.

    Start with simple questions:
    – What statements did President Trump make that cause you to call him an authoritarian?
    – What specific policies to you find to be racist or prejudicial?
    – What specific policy do you espouse that will improve people’slives?


  2. President Trump has been decidedly ANTI-authoritarian. He has lightened the regulatory and tax burdens of many Americans, and his very successful actions on international trade have lessened the flow of American wealth to other countries and increased employment here at home.

    La Loca is proposing the opposite: it takes heavy-handed authoritarianism to implement even the smallest part of her Green New Bad Deal: more regulation, more taxes, less choice, less employment, less freedom.


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