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WHO Headed By Incompetent Political Hack

Last night, Tucker Carlson made the startling accusation that the current head of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhamon, is not just grossly incompetent but willing to do the bidding of his political masters at the cost of human life .

The charge is based on Dr. Tedros as Ethiopia’s Health Minister (2005-2012). Tedros is accused by other health officials of covering up three cholera outbreaks in his nation that spread to neighboring nations in 2006, 2009 and 2011. More 

Further details on the cover up and other charges leveled against Tedros in a video Here

Tedros released a statement today, that while outbreaks of coronavirus in South Korea, Iran and Italy is “deeply concerning,” it is not a “Pandemic.” Here

Other experts aren’t so sanguine about COVID-19 (the official term for coronavirus) Here

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  1. Anyone with minimally active brain cells knows the last thing we’re hearing is the truth. Most all of the government is ran by incompetent political ass kissers and the president has only put a small dent in the mess thus far. Despite his efforts and the will of the governed the corruption is so deeply ingrained it’ll take years to correct. Those that are part of the problem like things just the way they are.

  2. @gin blossom:
    The correction of the corruption would happen more quickly if bodies started hitting the floor.

  3. Everytime I google coronavirus this guys tweets are on the page; after reading a few I quickly realized he’s a political hack who spouts whatever his globalist master want him to.

    Total hack

  4. World Government: Where tyrants pontificate about human rights, witch-doctors oversee medical issues, pedophiles fight child-trafficking and marxists are in charge of economics.

  5. The UN loves incompetence. Look what I did with Robert Mugabe, he left Zimbabwe with 25,000% inflation and the UN made him a good will ambassador. If he had stayed in Zimbabwe he probably would’ve been hanged.

  6. in 2005 Krauthammer wrote and article called A Fly Hope, or Horror. The Cornovirus is, compared to the real thing, much ado about nothing.

    Now, if the Spanish Flu is reintroduced that is when you lock the doors and don’t even open the mail. If you have enough food stockpiled so you don’t have to shopping for about 6 months you have nothing to worry about. If you don’t you might want to reconsider your game plan.

    Link to Krauthammer’s 2005 article https://www.ubm1.org/?page=fluhope

  7. “In related news, Billy Chemirmir was announced today as the new director of the UN Commission on Aging and Retirement.”


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