Who Is Antifa? What You Need To Know

Canada Free Press:

Antifaschistische Aktion, abbreviated as Antifa or anti-fascist, was an organization affiliated with the Communist Party of Germany that existed from 1932 to 1933. In the postwar era the historical organization inspired new groups and networks, known as the wider Antifa movement, many of which use the aesthetics of the historical Antifaschistische Aktion, especially a modified version of its logo. Wiki

There is much confusion as to who Antifa is, and what they stand for. First, let’s define fascism that they say they are against: Fascism is a set of political beliefs that includes strong control of society and the economy by the state, and the halting of any resistance. In a fascist nation, private enterprise would continue, but all private commercial endeavors would be heavily controlled by the state. Examples would be Nazi Germany and Mussolini’s Italy.

Antifa was and is primarily a global Communist movement using fascist tactics

In a Communist society, all means of production would be owned and controlled by the state. Communism is theoretically classless and egalitarian. In reality, the ruling class always does very well. Examples would be the former Soviet Union, Communist China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos and North Korea. All have had to introduce some form of capitalism to survive, some more than others. There are no pure Marxist systems in existence today. It simply does not work.

Hitler expelled the Communists from Germany in the early thirties as they were stealing his thunder and his voice. The Fuhrer was very impressed with Mussolini’s fascism and how effective it was, hence the fascist/Nazi alignment during World War II. These deported German Communists hit the U.S. college circuit, joining every major university, until they have now almost completely taken over our education system.

Fascism and Communism are not opposite ends of the spectrum, rather, they are first cousins on the left. Both are secular socialist with power being absolute with no opposition tolerated, especially from God. No natural rights, only that which they choose to dispense.

On Monday, a disenchanted former Antifa member was interviewed on Fox News. He was as confused as so many others. He called Antifa the real fascists. No, they are not fascists. Antifa was and is primarily a global Communist movement using fascist tactics…breaking up meetings, rallies, destroying property, clubbing a few people, etc. They use the moniker ‘anti-fascist’ to keep you confused with no idea as to their real intentions. Democrats don’t speak out because they are close relations…the militant wing of the party doing the dirty work, but keeping enough space between them to distract you. Democrats are not strangers to militant wings, hence the KKK. read more

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  1. Now if only 90% of American youth could see the true nature of Antifa in from this historical perspective. Do you think that this knowledge would change minds?

  2. ” Do you think that this knowledge would change minds?”


    We live in an age where truth, facts, and knowledge are heavily outweighed by the emotions they have been taught to let guide their thinking.

    At least among the young. (To be fair, a rather large percentage of the older ones do the same as well).

  3. “…As we get closer to the 2020 election, and especially if the Democrats lose, I see cities like Portland, Oregon and a town near you descending into total chaos as the Left gets more aggressive in their attempt to be rid of Trump and the America we love….”

    Get ready for it – a civil war coming soon to your neighborhood.

    Molon Labe

  4. The big problem is that our young people are corrupt: they have been bought and paid for by the left, in exchange for being allowed a protracted adolescence.

  5. By the definition given, which I agree with, the fascist state that exists today is China. Academia is not interested in pointing this out to their captive audience of callow children.

    Instead, it is America which is the Fascist state to be afraid of.

    I hate academics for sowing misinformation and hatred of our constitution.

  6. “They use the moniker ‘anti-fascist’ to keep you confused with no idea as to their real intentions.”

    This is like telling me a frog is actually a cow. I will still know the frog is a frog and you are an imbecile.

  7. They’re all communist, and they also have a large dose of queer.

    The fact that the commies murdered ten times more people than the nazis doesn’t faze them.

  8. The Canada Free Press got it only partially right. Yes, Communism and Fascism are closely-related. But they arent first cousins; in reality they are Socialist siblings. And the other two siblings in that rotten, putrid Socialist Family are Progressivism and National Socialism. All four branches of Socialism have directly murdered almost a half billion people in the last 100 years. Socialism’s failed economic system has also cost mankind hundreds of trillions in wasted spending – wars, useless social programs, corruption, etc.


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