Bitter TDS sufferer attacks peaceful Trump supporter

video of her deranged behavior and attack –>

ht/ all too much

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  1. Don’t know where this is but they have her license plate. Press assault and menacing charges against that wealthy white lesbian. Sue the police and city attorney if they don’t follow through.

  2. I wonder if she can at least kick a soccer ball around a field?

    Angry dikes sure do know how to win people over to their side, don’t they?

  3. You people just have to take what we dish out. We always walk. Suckers. You make me laugh.

  4. Golly Beav, switch to decaf already.
    And don’t park in a red zone
    Personally, when her arm came up for the phone is when her assault started and then cunt-punting her into next week would have been acceptable

  5. You make ME laugh when you say you laugh.

    I think you’re mistaking your deranged bitter facial contortions for laughter. That’s not laughter.

  6. Expect to see increasing amounts of violence, and much more serious violence, from the Left as the 2020 elections approach.

    With the collapse of the Mueller report, the hearings failing to give anything impeachment can be based on, they are now out of peaceful means to defeat Trump and will move on to violence to get their way.

    And those means will have fewer and fewer limits on how far they will go.

    Be vigilant, be ready, and be willing to respond to protect yourself from it, they will win if you aren’t.

  7. Well, given how connected she appears to be, we can expect absolutely nothing more to be heard about this incident.

  8. Hey Zachary……..that bull dyke was the one lying on the ground when it was over, according to the other link. So……you’re gonna have to realize, we aren’t taking what you little bitches are dishing out any longer. You people will be the ones lying on the ground…..

  9. At first I thought it was Rachel Maddow’s slightly more feminine sister, but it was a Margo Rosen of Oakland, California who used to work for congress critter Jackie Speir.

  10. The whole video I thought it was a typical lefty soyboy.
    Just like there never seems to be a cop around when you need one there never seems to be a guy standing by who watches the assault and then pounds the attackers face into a unrecognizable mess.

  11. That’s suppose to be FEMALE? Someone should have KEYED it’s car while it was attacking that person!

  12. perpetually pissed off because she wasn’t born with a dick skank cunt bag, someone should have rearranged her jaws, so her rehab to learn how to speak again has meaning to dumb asses like her.

  13. Her diet also needs some asphalt! Help her dig in to some yummy tar and gravel while the law is on the way!!!

  14. Someone needs to make AӘAM brass knuckles. Aim for the forehead so the deranged walk around with MAGA front and center.

  15. I love how liberals claim to be sooooo outraged by things Trump tweets or says and yet they spend weeks on end repeating it, What is going to happen to these whackos when Trump wins again.

  16. Looks like super soaker long range
    hi-power water rifles filled with God
    knows what are going to come up on stage…

  17. The plate was a California plate. She didn’t get shot because they’ve outlawed concealed carry and ammunition. Plus, she was just acting in accordance with the social media guidelines of it’s okay to attack those on the right who we deem to be dangerous.

  18. A really excellent indicator of an imminent physical attack is whenever someone starts acting all crazy and stuff — like parking in front of your stuff and then yelling their fool head off for a while. IOW, did anyone think this “lady” was gonna be happy to just shout at them and then leave? Me, neither. Someone should have been on the phone to 911 as soon as she showed up and started raving.


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