Who needs help in your district?

Tell us about your representative !

This guy isn’t in my district, but I heard him on the radio a few days ago and he seems alright.
He’s taking a lot of heat from Hillary’s ‘friends’ this election.


Garrett  for Congress (R) : 5th District of New Jersey

Check him out HERE.



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  1. Garrett is my congressman and he is as good a politician can be. He needs help since his opponent is campaigning as a financial conservative and moderate on social issues, but he’ll be a Pelosi rubber stamp.

  2. Ah McClintock. I remember him. Him and Issa are the only Republicans in CA. lol.
    My guy was Brad Sherman (D). Sometimes he made sense but he was too liberal to follow through on doing the right thing when it counted. He’s going to die in that seat.

  3. MJA,
    It’s a steady income. He ran against Arnold for Gov. and I was totally in his corner. Boy was I wrong. Not that Arnie didn’t suck. That pussy.

  4. @JD, my rep, maybe yours, is Derek Kilmer. I’ve called that worthless worm several times, and as you can imagine whoever answers the phone, they don’t know anything. Even the sorry interns that answer the phone for these pricks seem to know instinctively how to give a non-answer. GO TRUMP!!!

  5. I think part of Schwarzenegger’s problem was that he thought the people of galeefornya were going to love him as much politically as they did as an actor.
    One year, he bought moving billboard ads and drove them on The Strip to try to get bidnesses to move back to CA from NV. We laughed about it for weeks after that.

  6. Mine is Mike Honda. I actually voted for him in the general(no republican on the ballot). It was either vote for him (he does nothing) or Rho Khanna who’s an ultra progressive shitbag.
    That’s really how bad it is in California. It’s like the Soviet Union.

  7. Rep. Steve Womack (R)
    Rep. Bruce Westerman (R)
    Sen. John Boozman (R)
    Sen. Tom Cotton (R)

    Cotton, Womack, and Boozman are great guys. I am not very familiar with Westerman. Boozman used to write me back every time.

  8. MJA, I’m tired now, but I remember Arnold pushing some good conservative legislation in Cali. He got shot down and turned into a Lib immediately. I’ll find it for you tomorrow. But Ive lived close to his world and Mr. O don’t mean you’re bad ass. And honestly that’s what he was counting on. He believed his own myth, until minimal resistance. Dang, only one thing to do. Go Fxck the house keeper. Sadly Arnold is a loser.

  9. He’s my Congressman. And he gets my vote. Strong on illegal immigration. Supports the wall being built and a defender of the 2A. I don’t agree with everything he proposes, but he is better than any alternative running now.

  10. I know you are talking about Federal representativeS, but I have a very dear friend running for Minnesota State Rep, Mary Shapiro. She is very conservative and will work hard for us.

    Here is her facebook page (I know, I don’t do facebook either, but at least I can look at it): https://www.facebook.com/MaryShapiroMN

  11. David Jolly (“R”)
    Votes like a Democrat, denounces Trump (with fundraising letters claiming he supports him)…
    …and will likely lose to the Democrat running as his opponent, former Governor Charlie Crist, since the Congressional District was re-drawn to include the St. Petersburg ghetto crowd.

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