Who Really Deserves The Nobel Peace Prize?

Hint: Happy Veteran’s Day


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  1. Amen, I heard Pete Hegseth on Dennis Prager’s show today. And thank you to all of Americas veterans from all wars since the American Revolution, we owe our freedom and way of life to them. Including one of my ancestors who at 18 or 19 was at Lexington at the beginning of the American Revolution in 1775. Thank Dad a USAF veteran who was in Berlin at the time of the Berlin Airlift in 1948, my uncles Ray, Roy, Ross all World War 2 vets, my Mom’s brother Bob a USMC veteran of the Pacific in World War 2, my father in law a Korean War vet, my best friend now a retired Navy CPO after 30 years in the Navy and everyone else I know who has ever served in the US Military, thank you for your service.

  2. If Obama won the prize for doing nothing, the prize is worthless. Give one of those prizes to Biden’s cat for burying his own shit pile.

  3. Thanks to my dad — Navy, my brother — Vietnam vet/Marines, and my former FIL (RIP), Omaha Beach/D-Day and part of death camp liberation (would never talk about it).

    And thanks to all the men and women who served/serve!!

  4. the only thing more “1984” the “Nobel Peace Rize” is GWB’s KGB mad”investigating” “Russian interference”!

    Al Nobel was the biggest, most successful, War Monger in the history of the world! He made his first $billion (Today’s $ – 150 years ago, only $millions) with “smokeless gunpowder” ( in Danske (Danish)Ballistite)

    But by far his biggest $ maker was the thing that made bombs powerful – TNT , “Dynamite”, He made $trillions( to days$) on TNT! i gyou think, “Freedom is slavery, War is Peace,,,) then you agree with the name “Nobel eace Prize”

    Al hated AMERICA because we patented our own “Smokles Gun Powder” and defeated his suits. We also patented our own TnT which Al again lost in court! It should be no shock that the “Peace Prize“ has many times the last 100 years been awarded to American haters!

    If you wonder why GWB’s acolyte won the
    “peace prize” – now you know!

  5. Although Strategic Air Command was the most powerful force in the history of the world, our motto was “Peace Is Our Profession”. For forty years, we kept those filthy-assed, commie, rat bastard Russkies at bay because they knew we’d obliterate their entire country if they pulled something stupid.

  6. In the year Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War, and the threat of global nuclear annihilation, they gave the Nobel peace prize to… doctors without borders. As an insult.


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