Who remembers The Beatles board game called “Flip Your Wig”?

Well, this isn’t that game.

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  1. @Charlie WalksonWater – Georgetown in DC…now I KNOW I am back East and I am disgusted…

  2. The wig’s one thing…where is the bottom of her swim suit? It must be a thong made of dental floss.

  3. Ya got style points and difficulty points. Style: 7.3. She came out of her tuck too soon (and her wig). Difficulty: 10.0. She nailed the wig landing on the board. Overall score 9.5

  4. It is sad that black women feel so bad about themselves but it is especially sad that they have been raised to H-A-T-E their own natural hair style.

    Instead of embracing their kinky locks they have been taught from birth that kinky hair is bad, ugly, evil, and a giant flashing neon sign that you are too poor to go get that nasty nap straightened out so you can pretend to be somewhat white….even if it is only a fake hairdo that goes away the first time you are caught out in the rain or it gets too humid.

    I speak from experience being married to a black puerto rican woman for over 20 years. If you have any black female friends just ask them how easy is it to find a hair dresser that can actually take care of their hair while keeping it in its natural form…. you will be shocked at the answers you get.

    There was a story a while back by a black woman who was so fed up with this that she went to beauty school to get her cosmetology degree and begin her own hair salon. What she found out is that there is ZERO schools in the USA that teach how to care for women of color’s hair!

    Instead they teach the students to belittle the customers hair with many fake scenario’s and convince them to either straighten it, wash-n-blow then go, buy a wig, or cut it all off and get ready for a weave. It is a sad commentary that most salons will not touch a woman of colors hair without damaging it all for the sake of “beauty” which is defined by how much they can make a colored girls hair look like it belongs on a white woman.

    I have seen this myself dozens of times while trying to help my wife find a hair dresser that knows WTF they are doing and the search did not end until I managed to find her a black owned salon that was staffed by black women and that catered to women of color.

    Quite an education for me being a white guy who’s idea of a hair cut is to make sure the bowl does not move while they are cutting!

  5. I’ve grown up with all the talk about nappy hair and how it is so difficult to manage.
    Being a white girl with fine straight hair, I have the same issues. It is difficult to manage and try to get a cut that works. But if I say anything, it is white privilege.
    Here’s the deal-women aren’t happy with the hair they’ve been given by God. If it is dark, they want it to be light. If it is curly, they want it to be straight. If it is fine they want it to be full.
    Hair stylists have figured this out and promise all sorts of miracle products and processes. They make a LOT of money catering to our insecurities about our hair. It isn’t just black women.
    But you know what cured me? This bitch COVID. Yup. I’m seeing women who aren’t dyeing their hair or treating it and they are beautiful. Maybe COVID will free us from the hairdressers!

  6. Sorry, Agatha Kakalogical. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried to comb extremely tight, small, kinky curls without being in intense pain and possibly going bald as a result – got to play the black card on this topic. LOL!

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