Who Said This About _______?

“I have been asked, for instance, to what extent deportation will check radicalism in this country. Why not ask what will become of the United States Government if these alien radicals are permitted to carry out the principles of the _________ as embodied in its so-called laws, aims and regulations?

There wouldn’t be any such thing left. In place of the United States Government we should have the horror and terrorism of _________ tyranny such as is destroying _________ now. Every scrap of radical literature demands the overthrow of our existing government. All of it demands obedience to the instincts of criminal minds, that is, to the lower appetites, material and moral. The whole purpose of _________ appears to be a mass formation of the criminals of the world to overthrow the decencies of private life, to usurp property that they have not earned, to disrupt the present order of life regardless of health, sex or religious rights. By a literature that promises the wildest dreams of such low aspirations, that can occur to only the criminal minds, _________ distorts our social law….

…[T]his may serve to arouse the American citizen to its reality, its danger, and the great need of united effort to stamp it out, under our feet, if needs be. It is being done. The Department of Justice will pursue the attack of these _________ upon the Government of the United States with vigilance, and no alien, advocating the overthrow of existing law and order in this country, shall escape arrest and prompt deportation.”

I will give you the link in a bit…

Wow, youse guys are smaht!

Here it is: http://chnm.gmu.edu/courses/hist409/palmer.html

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  1. I feel pretty safe guessing it wasn’t Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Debbie Greaserman Shultz, Elizabeth Warren, or anyone on MSNBC.

  2. John “Bluto” Blutarsky speaking of the vile habits of the Amish on the floor of the Chamber while serving as a US Senator. He was wrestled to the ground by a staffer and removed from the premises.

    The staff later issues a statement on the outburst stating the Senator was suffering from ‘exhaustion and dehydration’. He was re-hydrated and rested for eight weeks at the Betty Ford Clinic.

  3. There is a direct line between the Bolsheviks Palmer was writing about and the communists spies that betrayed America’s atomic secrets to the Soviets during WWII. Not enough people took heed then, just like now with the Mohammedans.

  4. Lowell. Funny you would mention John Belushi. Spotify just put up belushi in recommended play list impersonating Joe cocker “lonely at the bottom of the barrel”. Weird coincidence.

    I know every other is being serious tonight.

    But it’s Friday night.

    Seriously. You could substitute “Islamist” “communist ” into this statement.
    Tonight is escapism. Gotta go. stones. Gimme shelter.
    End of transmission.

  5. @ PHenry

    The EOT you wrote sent a chill down my spine and raised my hackles. Been on the receiving end of a real one of those.

    Absent Companions!

  6. Lowell. Didn’t mean to raise your hackles.

    I moved on to Animals House of the Rising Sun.
    Frank Black Vanishing Spies. Iggy Pop Passenger.

    Now it’s Zappa.

    I’m lost in rock n roll. Plus they’ve thrown in some johnny cash just to keep me confused. Haha.

  7. Thanks for prompting me on a mental note I made about researching the who/what/how of the immigration pause that was successfully carried out back then. I do think that is the way to go for the Trump administration, and do away with this travel ban bit.

  8. EOT was just for the thread. I think that you read more into that earlier post than I meant. Sorry dude.
    Nothing like a final post. I won’t let you all off that easy.

  9. “The Enemy Within” J. Edgar Hoover. Enoch Powell “Rivers of Blood Speech.” We learn nothing. If it wasn’t for Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity. Mark Simone, and a few other Patriots, we would still be listening to Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite. But we now have little mini Cronkites like Matthews, Cuomo, Maddows, O’Donnell, Blitzer, and on and on. We are no longer being treated like mushrooms, left in the dark and fed cow shit. Bravo for Conservative talk radio, Tucker Carlson, some FOX News, but above all, Rush Limbaugh.

  10. @PHenry: “EOT was just for the thread. I think that you read more into that earlier post than I meant.”

    Nah, didn’t read into it. Just chimed a memory hadn’t been used in a very long time. I wasn’t very clear and I apologize for that.

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