Who saw this coming? Public sector unions may save America from a vaccine mandate


President Joe Biden and his administration are getting a surprising amount of pushback over new COVID masking guidelines from an unexpected, pro-Democrat source — major unions.

Public sector unions that have a lot of pull within the party are rebelling somewhat against the administration’s requirement that federal employees get vaccinated for COVID-19 or be forced to wear masks, socially distance, and undergo weekly testing, The Hill reported Saturday afternoon.

“While labor groups representing government employees have urged their members to get vaccinated, most of the leading public sector unions either oppose the vaccine requirement or say it must first be negotiated,” the outlet noted. more

8 Comments on Who saw this coming? Public sector unions may save America from a vaccine mandate

  1. It’s a beautiful dream, but soon as the bosses they get whatever cut they deem sufficient, they’ll fold up and leave their members in the lurch. Or worse, they’ll use their muscle to enforce mandates. In the least worst case, they’ll carve out jab exemptions for their members. There can be no good outcome with public sector unions.

  2. Even the bureaucrat sector of any regime change must be purged of any that would deviate from the “plan”. The bosses will cull their ranks to suit the new hierarchy. Then the real purges can begin without question. “We were just following orders” will be the last words from these people, when their end comes.

  3. The Hypocrisy of the Left never ceases to amaze. All we’ve heard from the Left for over half a century is “My body, my choice”
    Where are they now on this subject?
    Oh that’s right… “My body, my choice” only applies to killing unborn babies!

  4. I seriously doubt it.
    More likely it will be just like obamacare. Where we were all mandated to get it and the unions got exemptions.

  5. The cynic in me wants to say it has less to do with integrity and principles, and more to do with the union leadership holding out for whatever concessions they can negotiate from the Biden admin. The second they get what they want, they’ll give Biden whatever he wants. I’d love to be wrong, but I don’t think that I am.

  6. These unions will cut special deals for themselves, which will be justified by the usual bullshit voodoo pseudo-science that now reigns supreme in DC, and they will happily club the rest of us into getting our “vaccine” in order to “protect” the unvaccinated, which will be them.


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