Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

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Tom Price: (R) GA -6

Jim Jordan: (R) OH-4

Justin Amash: (R) MI-3

Reid Ribble: (R) WI- 8

Thomas Massie: (R) KY-4

Mark Sanford: (R) SC-1

Eric Cantor: (R) VA-7

David Schweikart: (R) AZ-6

Mick Mulvaney: (R) SC-5

Raul Labrador: (R) ID-1

Other- Discuss below!

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30 Comments on Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

  1. The Speaker of the House does not need to be a member of Congress so why not Sarah Palin? Or someone who isn’t an elected politician?

  2. @BFH, thanks for your second post.
    You freaked me out for a minute.

    Amash is a big Ron Paul supporter. That makes him a non-starter in my book.

  3. The Speaker of the House does not need to be a congress person.

    Any U.S. citizen can hold the position of House Speaker if they receive the majority of votes from house members.

    It does not need to be a politician.

    I vote for Mark Levin.

  4. Mark Levin! Mark Levin! Mark Levin!

    If it actually happened, Obama would either quit or have him shot.

  5. Now that I think about it, let’s make some history.

    Mark Levin…America’s First Jewish President!

  6. The job of the Speaker is to get everyone in the majority on the same page, and then explain it in simple enough terms that even Drive By Media can understand, not that they would, or would even want to unless the Speaker is a fellow traveler and idiot like Nasty Peelousy.

    Gohmert or Gowdy would be good at the latter, but not the former.

    Herding cats is easier than getting RINO’s back on the reservation.

    I declare “open season” on all RINO’s. Head ’em up! Move ’em out!

  7. I offer up for consideration Sarah Palin and Mark Levin. However hell would freeze over or the Vikings would win the super bowl first.

    Soooo, TREY GOWDY. Brains, Spine, Balls. Pit Bull DNA

  8. Barnhardt’s First Axiom – anyone who wants the job isn’t psychologically fit to have the job (paraphrasing).

    Thus, the Republicans should draft Palin.

  9. David Schweikert
    *Not knowing all of them. One yardstick to use is the Club for Growth rankings. Scheikert is ranked the highest of those listed.

    Year Rank Score
    2013 1 100
    2012 10 96
    2011 31 93

    I would write in Trey Gowdy

  10. Does it HAVE to be from the House itself?

    How about we play by the Commies rules and make them up as we go. No? Let’s say the speaker can be any citizen in the nation. Yeah, That the ticket.

    A. I hearby declare any citizen in the country can be Speaker of the House.

    (now that that is established and settled law! Based on the precedent of: Phuck You!)

    B. I nominate BFH to the position!

    Are there any seconds?

    Anyone? Anyone?


  11. Roadmaster, I contend the RINOS were never on the reservation in the first place. Just mouthing the words to get the votes.

    So I totes agree. They need to go. The message needs to be clear and strong. The more Cruzs there are the better.

    I want the safe-seated establishment Rs to wake up one day and realize that if they want to keep their lucrative, cozy positions they will either join the Dems or join the Tea Party.


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