Who Was That Chick Singing? – IOTW Report

Who Was That Chick Singing?

Here Now

Can’t teach…. can’t act….. can’t fight…. can’t sing….. can’t talk….sure put him in power….

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  1. Trudy living out every flamers dream – belting out a Queen or Elton John song, pretending they’re on a Broadway stage, oblivious they’re tone deaf.

  2. We “normies” should be glad for CA and canada. They attract the wastes of skin, space and air that might otherwise settle in OUR communities.

  3. Trust me folks, Your just lucky his wife Sophie didn’t decide to get up and belt out one of her “Original” songs like she did a few years ago on Martin Luther King Day.

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  5. I live in Canaduh,Toronto, most of the people i run across on a daily basis are cool.
    The problem starts with the shit heads that have been elected.
    The problem Started in the early seventies when i was bused from my school to another High School auditorium to watch justins dad land on the football field in a helicopter.
    He later lectured us on his vision for Canaduh
    It was cool though ,got a day off school.

  6. Daddy’s a cuck an mama’s a whore… I was going to do a ditty, but daddy wasn’t really daddy and mama wasn’t selling, she was giving it away. So skip it, no premise for the ditty.


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