Who Will Be Left Standing To Mock Donald Trump At Hollywood’s Awards Shows?

Disgusting. How ballsy is Hollywood to have any sort of award shows after the amount of sexual-assaults reported and confirmed?
It truly is la-la-land.


db daily update:

  • Just when I’ve promised myself to stop writing about Hollywood depravity scandals for awhile, I get up this morning to the following tidbits of news:
    • Actress Denise Richards’ divorce papers say that one of the main reasons her marriage to Charlie Sheen ended because of his sexual obsessions with young boys;
    • Actor George Takkei, who has spent his past five years on Twitter, sanctimoniously telling everyone else how to live their lives, now stands accused by a former male model of sexual assault;
    • Jann Wenner, founder of fake news magazine Rolling Stone, is accused of offering jobs in exchange for sex.  Hey, when everything you’re doing is fake, are actual qualifications really necessary?;
    • Three women have accused “Atomic Blonde” producer David Guilloid of rape.  He apparently considered Harvey Weinstein to be his life’s role model;
    • And now, even actor Richard Dreyfuss stands accused of exposing himself and other acts of harassment by a writer who worked with him back in the 1980s.  This comes just days after Dreyfuss himself accused fellow actor Kevin Spacey of preying on his then-minor son years ago, proving yet again that what goes around comes around.


Holy cow, that’s just one day’s sleaze oozing out of Hollywood’s whitehead-filled pours.  Imagine what is yet to come from the blackheads.

Speaking of actors who sanctimoniously tell the rest of us how to live our lives, Hollywood is about to move into its five month-long season of handing out awards for all the products it created during 2017, all of which fall into the range of so-awful-they’re-unwatchable to mediocre-enough-to-waste-30-to-120-minutes-watching-them.  The official calendar for Hollywoods’ award season lists no fewer than 20 different awards ceremonies at which the depraved culture’s actors, producers, directors, writers, photographers and various other flunkies will have their chance to pontificate about how awful the rest of America is.

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15 Comments on Who Will Be Left Standing To Mock Donald Trump At Hollywood’s Awards Shows?

  1. OK, even with the proviso that at least 50% of the allegations will be phony, tawdry attempts to extract funds from known old perverts.
    Hey Hollywood.
    Allow decency back into your lives, and it will permeate into your art; and one day you’ll be great again.

  2. I hope it continues to play out with the child abuse scandals hitting soon. I expect that every Hollywood male right now is shaking in their loafers wondering whether their next and the damage control companies are working overtime on people “just in case”. The only concern I have is at some point somebody is going to get pilloried for making a bad pass at a woman who has determined it to be sexual harasment and gone to the media or a man asked a woman out twice and recieved a “no” and gets slammed for harassment. It’s great fun now and they all deserve what their getting but at some time reality has to set in and I don’t know if Hollywood unders that concept yet.

  3. For some strange reason I bet the next Oscars show on TV will get mega viewership ratings, and I think you all know why. I’ll just read about the disasters online. I can’t watch 1 second of that goop.

  4. Remember last Summer when they smirked and shrugged while Trump’s star in Hollywood was being defaced? It’d be funny if somebody started taking a pick axe to a few more right now. Let’s see if they think it’s as funny coming around as it was going around.

  5. I’ve always hoped a big meteor would strike Hollywood, but this is oh so much better. Not the vile acts, but the exposure of the vile acts. It is so much more destructive over time and even taints their legacy and history.

    Besides, I work near Hollywood, so at least I’m spared for now.

  6. Hollyweird was built on sleaze. Nothing new with the current events. The Oscars will proceed as usual, with continued attacks on President Trump. There are pobably going to be some comments, snide and otherwise about sexual abuse – nothing substantial. The log in Hollyweirds eye must be the size if a Sequoia by now.

  7. The people that Hollywood should have given Oscars to were the PR geniuses who have managed to elevate what is basically a glorified trade show to the all-important mega-spectacle everyone views it as today.

    When you think about it, the Academy Awards is nothing more than a kind of mutual masturbation meeting where all the participants proceed to gratify each other by praising and congratulating themselves on how much money they have managed to leverage out of the viewing public by their latest offering of smoke and mirrors.

    Oh – but they are always so, so grateful to the fans for their love and support.

    You know – the little people.

  8. A great line for James Woods to open with as he takes the mic (I know he would never be invited) “Would all of the child raping homosexuals please remain seated, and boo loudly”….

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