Who will President Trump pick for SCOTUS? (POLL)

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31 Comments on Who will President Trump pick for SCOTUS? (POLL)

  1. Whoever it is, they will be in their forties, they won’t be a member of Congress, and they won’t be a Liberal.

  2. I don’t know, but it sure is fun watching the left collective melt down. Supposedly, every one on the list is pro-life! Hahaha

  3. Who’s his Solicitor General?

    Pick him … uhh … her … uhh … it?

    All seriousness aside? Jay Sekulow, Tom Fitton, or Mark Levin.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I don’t know who he is but off the list I say Patrick Wyric. He’s the youngest. At 37 years old he could have 50 years on the court. Boom!

  5. “He should nominate some Russian just to screw with everyone.”

    And tweet that he’s going to ask Putin’s opinion at the summit in July.

  6. Amy Barrett. She has just been confirmed by this Senate.
    It would be real hard not to vote for her again.

  7. I see that Mike Lee is topping the poll with a whopping 17 votes!

    I used to think he would be good, but during the election, he pretty much torched Donald Trump. That’s not to say they haven’t made up, but I don’t know. He may be a strict Constitutionalist, but it seems his judgement is a bit impaired.

    I voted for Don Willett. I was the third one!

    I don’t know enough about the others, except a few of them have sketchy records as to sticking strictly to the text of the constitution. I want someone who was like Antonin Scalia.

  8. I see that Amy Barrett is running second in this poll. I think she would be a better jurist than Mike Lee. She also clerked for Scalia.

  9. I also would like to see Amy Barrett…I’m impressed with what I’ve seen of her background. Also, agree on the importance of her clerking for Justice Scalia for a year (which was right after clerking for Judge Silberman, DC Court of Appeals…a Reagan appointee), and recently having successfully run the confirmation gauntlet for U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit.

  10. Justice Willett. Claudia has it right.

    Nice to see you Claudia. Since I’m suspended from twitter again, I was wondering if you could help me out. It’s time for another poll and I was thinking of running one on crackers. Any interest?


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