Who Won the GOP Debate on CNBC?


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5 Comments on Who Won the GOP Debate on CNBC?

  1. I think the American People won. They saw first hand how left wing liberal assholes, with no interest what so ever on America’s problems, can ask stupid and insulting questions of people who want to be President of the United States. Questions on Fantasy Football? Marijuana? Gay fucking marriage? Are you at CNBC fucking kidding. We are up to our eyeballs in dept, we are at war, we have high unemployment, we have agit/prop commies destroying our cities, attacking our police, killing them; we have wounded soldiers by the hundreds not being cared for properly;
    we have a President who is a lying SOB, and we have another possible President in the wing who is a lying B. And you ask a candidate about Fantasy fucking Football. I hope you assholes get fired. Quintinella,Harwood, and Quick suck as does CNBC

  2. Who cares who won? It’s like judging which pile of shit is the best. It’s all shit, no matter what color or texture. It’s all the same, and it all came from the same place.

  3. That forum (not a debate, not even close) was designed for TV ratings. Unfortunately for CNBC, they were a day early.

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